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3.5-MBCD Auxiliay input for Select 1994-98 Mercedes Benz with CD Changer

3.5-MBCD Auxiliay input for Select 1994-98 Mercedes Benz with CD Changer
must have CD Changer
Many Mercedes customers are turned away or offered an FM Modulator option when looking to play an audio device on the factory radio. The reason is not all radios have a dedicated Auxiliary input port required for auxiliary input adapters to work. The 3.5-MBCD connects to the CD Changer audio lines and provides the best sound quality. This means the CD Changer remains connected but will no longer play instead you get to enjoy the music or applications on smartphone, iPod etc. So; if your vehicle has the factory Radio and CD Changer in the trunk, the 3.5-MBCD provides an easy, inexpensive and flexible method of enjoying many portable audio devices without compromising the original dash components.
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Works in 1994-98 Mercedes models specified in the drop-down menu below WITH a CD Changer. (Will *NOT* work without the Changer)
2. Cable is approximately 4 ft. long with a 3.5mm male plug.
3. Replaces the CD Changer Audio Lines. Purchase the AUX-MB to retain use of the CD Changer.
4. Vehicles without CD Changer requires an auxiliary input adapter
5. Compatible with any audio device that has a 3.5mm connector including iPods, Mp3 Players, Satellite Radios, Smartphones etc.
6. Stream music through your iPhone, Touch from popular internet sites such as Pandora, Spotify etc.
Plug-n-play installation. NO wire splicing or cutting. See INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for details.

1. Use the audio device built-in controls to access and play and control your music files.
2. *Not* compatible with Mercedes Benz fiber optic systems (1999-Up).
3. An optional 3.5mm Gold plug with extended shaft (3.1mm) for mobile phones with protected case is available. To have this plug added to your cable please select the option from the drop-down menu below.

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