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3.5F-CDR30 Auxiliary Jack for Porsche CDR30 and CDR31 Radios

3.5F-CDR30 Auxiliary Jack for Porsche CDR30 and CDR31 Radios
Quick and Easy Auxiliary Jack for Porsche CDR-30 and CDR-31 Radios
Recent Porsche Boxster, Cayman & Cayenne and others include the CDR-30 or CDR-31 as the standard Radio and with it Porsche dealers offer an optional $95 "Auxiliary Interface" for uses to connect and play portable audio devices, however our 3.5F-CDR30 cable does exactly the same thing for a lot less. So, if you are looking to create an "AUX" input for Smartphone, MP3, iPod, etc, the 3.5F-CDR-30 is will get it done. We also offer the A2D-CDR30 audio streaming adapter which is perfect for those would rather stream music from Smartphone or Tabled without any wires or cables on or around the dash.
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Works on 2009-12 Boxster, Caymans, 997 and others (i.e. Cayenne S, GTS) with CDR-30 or CDR-31 Radios (Will not work on Porsche PCM)
2. Takes the place of the factory "AUX" (if so equipped), but retains factory Bluetooth (if so equipped)
3. The 3.5F-CDR30 is 3.5 ft. long with a 12-pin Quad-lock plug and 3.5mm female jack.

Plug-n-Play installation. Click Here for installation guide.

1. Music selection is possible using the audio device buil-in control (no controls from radio buttons).
2. Not compatible with PCM or any radio other than the CDR30/31 .

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