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A2D-35 Audio Streaming Add-on for AUX2CAR (PXDX)

A2D-35 Audio Streaming Add-on for AUX2CAR (PXDX)
Turn your AUX2CAR into a wireless audio streaming solution for Smartphone or Tablet.
If you have an AUX2CAR (PXDX) Auxiliary input adapter installed in your vehicle, and own a Smartphone or Tablet, the A2D-35 is the exclusive add-on you've been looking for. The popular AUX2CAR branded by Peripheral, iSimple, PAC and NEO can be converted to a wireless audio streaming solution for your Smartphone or Tablet thanks to the A2D-35 Kit. This clean solution leaves no wires on or around the dash. Simply pair Phone or Tablet to the A2D-35 hidden behind the dash and enjoy internet music sites or turn by turn instructions on the car speakers. The A2D-35 takes the place of the AUX2CAR hard wired input to provide a wireless audio solution.

» Works in any vehicle with the AUX2CAR Auxiliary input adapter (sold separately)
» Provides an audio connection solution without wires.
» Auto - reconnect upon ignition "ON" status
» Play turn-by-turn application prompts on car speaker
» Stream music application from sites such as Pandora, Spotify etc.
» Connectis to the 8-way DIN connector on the AUX2CAR (Sold separately)
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. The A2D-35 is compatible with and requires one of the following adapters:
Peripheral, iSimple: Audio2Car, AUX2CAR: (PXDX ,PXDX2).
iSimple: PXDXBMW, ISBM72 etc.
NEO v6 (e.g. AUXFD4V6) (See Footnotes)
2. All listed Adapters must have an 8-PIN DIN (large) connector. 8-pin mini-din adapters are not compatible. (check yours prior to purchasing)
3. The A2D-35 does not control the audio device. Use Smartphone built-in controls to access and play music files.
4. Not compatible with the 8-pin DIN on Honda, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Volvo Radios unless the AUX2CAR is present.

» Main Unit x1 (2" L x 2" W x 1" H)
» 8-pin DIN Plug

Avoid costly returns. Click here for Installation Guide and FAQ.

Footnotes (see drop-down menu below for reference)
* The AUX2CAR is identified by having an 8-pin DIN connector and 8-dip switches (See detailed images on the left).

1. Not a universal or stand along device. Works only on the adapters listed in the drop-down menu below.
2. Does not support Hands Free Profile (HFP)

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  • Author: J. Cook
    i bought the A2D35 because the 3.5 aux cable on my aux2car kept going bad. Its been installed since september and still going strong. It basically eliminates having to plug in my phone and connects to phone soon after i turn the key. connecting this to my aux2car took less than 3 minutes including pairing. Bought this online thursday afternoon and installed in my car by saturday. thanks.

  • Author: A. Hunter
    My 3.5mm cable kept going bad and was about to buy another (PX35) when i came across the A2d35 bluetooth option. Connected it to the green box behind the radio (Silverado), paired up quickly and has been going since Christmas. Highly recommended to anyone with the auxiliary to car adapter.