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A2D-JAG97 Audio Streaming Adapter for 1986-97 Jaguar XJ and XK

A2D-JAG97 Audio Streaming Adapter for 1986-97 Jaguar XJ and XK
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Say goodbye to wires dangling from the dash and hello to Wireless audio playback from Smartphone.
While it is true that due to their lack of support for more attractive modern media formats, many have replaced their Radios. For those who are adamant about hanging on to the original radio we offer a line of adapters that sure to open up a whole lot of different options for listening to music and other audio content. The A2D-JAG97 Bluetooth Audio Streaming adapter upgrades select 1986-97 Jaguar XJ and XK with a DBC10425, DBC6437 Radio , the A2D-JAG97 adapter converts the Radio's CD Changer port into a streaming solution for Smartphone or Table. The process is very simple and requires connecting the adapter to the 8-pin CD Changer port, pairing the A2DP device, and press the "CD" button and enjoy crystal clear audio playback from music apps, turn-by-turn directions and more. This clean solution leaves no wires or clutter on or around the dash and is a welcome trade off.

» Vehicle must have a CD Changer controlling Radio (e.g. DBC10425 etc.)
» Supports any Smartphone, Tablet with A2DP Profile
» Plug-n-play to the Radio.
» Auto-reconnect when entering vehicle.
» Listen to turn-by-turn directions as you drive
» Stream internet music services such as Pandora, Tune-in, Spotify etc.
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Works in 1986-1997 X300 (XJ6, XJR6, XJ6, XJ12) with a DBC10425, DBC6437 Radio
2. Works in 1996- early 97 x100 (XK8, XKR) with DBC10425 Radio
3. Not for late model 1997 X100 with Ai-NET connector. These require the A2D-JAGR
4. Replaces the CD Changer (if present)

» Main Module x1
» Wire Ties x2

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Footnotes: [ See drop-down menu below for reference]
*XK To VIN# 018107
** XJ To VIN #812255

1. Connects to Radio or Prewired CD Changer plug in trunk/hatch.
2. Supports streaming audio (not for hands-free phone calls)

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