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AAi-ALPA Auxiliary Input Cable for Select Alpine Ai-NET Radios

AAi-ALPA Auxiliary Input Cable for Select Alpine Ai-NET Radios
Auxiliary input Adapter for Alpine Versatile-Link™ Ready Radios.
What is an auxiliary input adapter?An auxiliary input adapter is a passive device that connects to the CD Changer Port on select Alpine Ai-Net head units and converts it to an Audio input. Once installed the user is able to connect many Audio devices to the Alpine radio for a clean audio connection and the ability to "tune" the add-on source with Bass Engine™ features. This AAi-ALPA offers audio performance that is more enjoyable than substandard FM-modulated solutions for connecting entertainment devices to the Alpine Radio.
[Please read all requirements and warnings posted here prior to purchasing this part]
1. The AAi-ALPA is compatible with all Alpine Versatile-Link Ready head units. Click here for partial listing or consult the Alpine Manual for details.
2. Not all Radios with a "CD Changer port" are compatible-- The Alpine radio MUST be Versatile-LINK (V-Link) Ready otherwise it will not recognize this part.
3. When the AAi-ALPA is used, a changer connection is NOT possible.
4. NOT for Alpine M-Bus Radios i.e CDM-, TDM etc. These Radios must use the ALP/M-3.5M90
5. The AAi-ALPA is 6 inches long with RCA connectors on one end and Alpine Ai-NET connector on the other
6. The Alpine radio will *NOT* control or charge the external audio device connected to the AAI-ALPA

The CD Changer Port on Radio does not guarantee compatibility with this cable. The Alpine radio must also be V-LINK Ready. Click for Examples.

Frequently asked question
1. My Alpine radio has a cd changer port on the back, will this part work?
A-- Yes, but only if the radio is V-LINK ready OR NON-VERSATILE LINK radios with a pink/black wire in the power/speaker harness.
2. I already have an Alpine CD changer connected, will i have to sacrifice the cd changer to use this cable?
A- YES, but PIE's ALP-AUX adapter will allow you to keep the CD Changer and provide an aux input.
3. I understand Alpine has two bus systems, ai-net and m-bus, how do i identify an Ai-Net radio?
A- Alpine Bus systems can be identified by looking at the 3rd letter in the model number-- if it's an "A" then Ai-NET, if it's an "M" then M-BUS examples: CDA-9811 (Ai-net), CDM-7874 (m-bus)
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