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PAC AAi-ALPM Auxiliary Input Cable for Select Alpine M-BUS Radios

PAC AAi-ALPM Auxiliary Input Cable for Select Alpine M-BUS Radios
Only consider this part if the Alpine Model number begins with "CDM-" or "TDM-" and Versatile-Link Ready.
Alpine KCM-122B M-Bus Versatile Link™ adapter Cable (by PAC) converts the CD Changer input on Alpine M-BUS (Not Ai-Net Bus) Versatile-Link™ Ready head units to RCA. With this converter installed, you can connect any single audio device [ iPod, MP3, DVD, Satellite Radio, X-BOX, Playstation, Walkman etc.] that has a line output directly to your headunit without using an FM Modulator. You select your added source from the head unit and adjust the sound with Bass Engine™ features.
Compatibility & Notes: [These requirements must be met for this part to work]
1. The AAi-ALPM (KCA-122B) is 6 inches long and compatible with all Alpine M-BUS Versatile-Link™ (V-Link™) ready radios.
2. The AAi-ALPM will work if the manual included a "Setting the "AUX Function"
3. When the AAi-ALPM is used, a CD Changer connection will not be possible because the adapter takes the place of the CD Changer.
4. Alpine M-BUS head units begin with CDM-, TDM- etc [i.e. CDM-7874]
5. The AAi-ALPM is Not compatible with Alpine Ai-Net bus systems.
6. This cable is *NOT* compatible with any other 8-pin DIN applications including the factory radio in Honda, Mazda, Volvo, Mitsubishi, BMW, Jaguar, Nissan, Land Rover, Ford, Porsche, Chrysler etc. These radios require a vehicle specific Auxiliary Input Adapter

1. The 8-pin CD Changer port on the Alpine radio does not guarantee that this cable will work. This cable will work ONLY IF THE ALPINE RADIO IS "VERSATILE LINK READY" otherwise the radio will not recognize the cable.

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