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AAi-CHY Dual Auxiliary Input Adapter for Select 2004-08 Chrysler

AAi-CHY  Dual Auxiliary Input Adapter for Select 2004-08 Chrysler
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The AAi-CHY (version 1.4.16) is a DUAL Auxiliary input adapter for Chrysler VES (Vehicle Entertainment System) and/or Satellite radio allowing the user connect up to (2) audio devices. Audio devices such as a Smartphones, iPod, iPhone, Satellite Radio Kits, MP3 Players and more can all be connected to the radio for clean audio playback.

• 2 Audio inputs selectable from the radio buttons (no toggle switch required)
• Plugs directly into the 10-pin port behind the factory radio.
• Provides a switched +12V accessory wire to power devices that require +12V
• Independent Left and Right Signal adjustments for each input (works like a line driver).
• Plug and play. No wire cutting or splicing.
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Compatible with 2004-08 Chrysler Navigation Radio (REC), 6 Disc/MP3 (RAQ), 6 Disc/Cassette (RAK), RAR, REG and Single Disc (REF*) Radios.
2. The radio MODEL NUMBER is located on the faceplate just below the Tuning Knob.
3. The AAi-CHY Emulates Video Entertainment System (VES) by default
4. Vehicles with both factory Sirius Radio and VES: Either one must be disconnected (except "REF" Radios.)
5. *REF Single disc Radio supports Sirius but does *NOT* Support VES therefore Sirius Radio (if installed) must be disconnected. See this Tech Brief
6. The factory VES or Satellite Radio are completely disabled if the AAi-CHY emulates it. DVD's and/or headphones can *NOT* be used.

Avoid Costly Returns. Click here for Installation Guide.

"REF" radios only: Only able to emulate Sirius which means Sirius Radio (if present) must be disconnected.

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