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ALP/M-3.5M90 Auxiliary Input Adapter for select Alpine M-BUS Radios

ALP/M-3.5M90 Auxiliary Input Adapter for select Alpine M-BUS Radios
This part fits Alpine Model Numbers that begins with "CDM-" or "TDM-" that are also Versatile-Link Ready.
Use the ALP/M-3.5M90 to convert the CD Changer port on select Alpine M-BUS Radios to an "AUX" port. This adapter allows connection of your favorite audio device [ MP3, DVD, Satellite radio, X-BOX, Walkman, iPod etc.] with a headphone jack to the Alpine M-BUS VersatileLink™ radio. Use the radio buttons to select the added source (AUX) and to adjust the sound using the radio's volume ,bass and treble controls. (The radio will not control the audio device).
Compatibility & Notes: [These requirements must be met for this part to work]
1. The ALP/M-3.5M90 is compatible with select Alpine M-BUS VersatileLink™ (V-Link™) Radios
What is Versalite-Link : its a menu option that allows switching the 8-pin port from CD Changer to AUX otherwise the radio will not recognize this adapter. Read More
2. The ALP/M-3.5M90 cable is 6 ft. long
3. When the ALP/M-3.5M90 is connected, an Alpine CD Changer connection is *NOT* possible.
4. The ALP/M-3.5M90 is for Alpine Aftermarket radios and will *NOT* work on Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Volvo, BMW, Jaguar, Nissan, Land Rover, Ford, Porsche, Chrysler factory radio applications regardless of the number of pins on the radio. Factory Radios require a vehicle specific Auxiliary Input Adapter.

1. Alpine Radios with 8-PIN Changer port does *NOT*guarantee compatibility. In addition to the port the radio must be "VERSATILE LINK READY"  (menu option that allows switching between CD Changer and Aux).

Setting the AUX Mode (i.e. CDM-7874)
1. Press and hold the SETUP button for at least 3seconds.
2. Press the |◄◄ or DN or UP ►►| button to select the AUX mode.
3. Press the BAND button to toggle the mode between AUX ON and AUX OFF.
4. Press the SETUP button to return to normal mode.
5. To adjust the volume, etc., first press the SOURCE button and select the AUX mode, then make the necessary adjustment. → TUNER → CD → AUX
NOTE: When AUX ON is selected, a CD Changer cannot be used.
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