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ANT-B34 AM FM Antenna Signal Booster/Amplifier

ANT-B34 AM FM Antenna Signal Booster/Amplifier
Need to boost low Radio signal from distant Radio stations?
The ANT-B34 signal amplifier will boost AM signals by 18dB and FM signals by 14dB. The ANT-B34 is installed between the radio and the car antenna feed. Simply disconnect the antenna cable from the radio and connect it to the booster, connect the antenna plug on the booster back into the radio. Power the booster with a 12V accessory power (will turn on/off with key) or the antenna turn-on lead from the radio (will turn on/off with radio). Please note that signal boosters work best in flat areas with minimum obstructions. Interference may be caused by high mountains and buildings therefore the performance of this product will vary.

This booster has standard DIN (Motorola) style antenna jack/plug. Radios with proprietary antenna terminals will require an antenna adapter in order to properly connect this booster.

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