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AUX-GM2 Auxiliary Input Jack for Select 1995-05 GM with CD Changer

AUX-GM2 Auxiliary Input Jack for Select 1995-05 GM with CD Changer
required CD Changer factory 10-pin CD Changer plug hand made to your specification
This AUX Jack works in C5 Corvette and other 95-05 GM with remote CD Changer.
IF your 1995-05 GM has a remote 12 DISC Changer* and you want to add an Aux jack for Smartphone, Tablet, iPod, MP3 player etc. the AUX-GM2 cable is for you. This cable allows connection of portable audio devices while also retaining full use of the remote CD Changer (vehicle must have CD Changer otherwise click here for alternates).
To install, simply locate CD Changer (center console, armrest or trunk/hatch), connect 10-pin plug, route and install the 1/8" (3.5mm) jack on or near dashboard, plugin your audio device (e.g. Smartphone, iPod, MP3 etc.) and enjoy the best possible sound on the car speakers. When in the mood to play CDs (from Changer) simply unplug audio device from jack -- its that simple. The AUX-GM2 is plug and play and is the simple adapter you want to play portable audio devices without replacing the factory radio or remote CD Changer. (Keeps everything stock)

» This cable only works in listed vehicles with working CD Changer*. IF not equipped with Changer; click here
» Plug-n-play to remote changer factory wiring. (Radio removal NOT required)
» Play many audio devices including iPods, iPhones, Tablets, Smartphones, MP3 Players and more
» Use Smartphone or Tablet to stream music from internet music sites such as Spotify, Pandora etc.
» Use Smartphone to listen to apps (e.g. navigation etc) on the car speakers
» Retain original look and feel of dashboard components and factory wiring integrity.
[The following requirements must be met for the AUX-GM2 to work]
1. Works in 1995-05 GM specified in drop-down menu below with remote CD Changer (10-pin)
2. If vehicle does not have a CHANGER see our PXDXGM4 or USB-C5 or A2D-C5
3. At least one "Disc" must remain in Changer
4. Connects to CD Changer in remote location (Does not fit radio connectors)
5. Available in 4 (default for Changers in console area) or 12 ft. (for Changers in trunk/hatch). You must make selection from drop-down menu below.
6. Works with CD or Cassette Radio so long vehicle has a working remote CD Changer. (Changer built-into radio is not considered remote)

» Main Aux cable x 1
» Free 3.5mm Male-Male Audio cable (3 ft. long) x1

Avoid costly returns. Read Installation Guide OR Video prior to purchase.

Footnotes: [See drop-down menu below for reference]
* Must have CD Changer in center armrest, under seat, in glove box or hatch/trunk. If vehicle is wired but has no Changer, purchase our PXDXGM2.
C5 Corvette not wired for CD Changer, may purchase our PXDXGM4 AUX adapter kit (connects to radio)

1. Requires a working CD Changer to function as described. CD Changer remains connected and functional.
2. Connects to GM 10-pin CD Changer plug at remote changer location.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: D. Walbridge
    I just wanted to thank you guys for the quick service and wire harness. I installed it this morning and it works great!!!! Easy enough even for me to do!

  • Author: D. Clark
    I have wanted to do this for years but did not want to cut or splice into the factory wires (as recommended on the forums) and was delighted when i found the youtube video in which Dave demonstrated how easy it was to install your cable. Needless to say i purchased mine on April 28, received it on May 2nd and installed the same day and it has been working great ever since. I thought i would come back and say thank you for the service and great product.
  • Author: Donna S.
    I did not want to change the radio in my C5 but did want to play tunes from my phone. I like the idea behind this cable because i was able to keep the changer and also play my phone. I had it installed by a local shop here in FL in late March and i'm happy.
  • Author: K. McBride
    Thank you for your product. I ordered the CD changer/ ipod adapter cable and Installed it on Sunday for my corvette. Works perfectly.

    Thanks for a great product