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AUX-JACK Dash mount 3.5mm Audio Input Cable (3.5 ft.)

AUX-JACK Dash mount 3.5mm Audio Input Cable (3.5 ft.)
If your vehicle does not have a dash mount input jack the AUX-JACK is the perfect solution for adding one.
The AUX-JACK is easily outfitted to the vehicles dashboard to allow users to easily connect their audio devices to a factory or aftermarket radio with audio input jacks OR to an auxiliary input adapter hidden behind the dash. No more cables dangling from the dashboard, with the AUX-JACK in place you connect the audio device (e.g. Smartphone, MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, Satellite Radio, Walkman, etc. ) to the 3.5mm (headphone jack) input and unplug it when not in use.

» Connects virtually any audio source. (RCA, 3.5mm etc.)
» Dash mountable aux input jack provides factory look and finish.
» 3.5mm Female jack and Male RCA's. (Your factory or aftermarket radio must have RCA inputs)
» Cable is approximately 3.5 ft. Long

1. Installing the Aux-jack requires drilling a 7/32" mounting hole at the point of installation.
2. This cable supports Audio playback. *NOT* for video, charging or controls.

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