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AiH-JAG Aftermarket Amplifier installation harness for Jaguar

AiH-JAG Aftermarket Amplifier installation harness for Jaguar
Need to add some punch to an under-performing Jaguar factory Audio system?
If you are like many who enjoy the look and features of the factory-installed radio but feel the system is lacking power and bass, there is good news. One of the best things that can be done to improve the factory audio system is to add a Subwoofer and replace the speakers. Most factory speakers are made of paper cone with foam surround that deteriorate over time. Aftermarket speakers with rubber surround and better cone material last longer and sound better but are limited in terms of how much bass they can produce. To truly experience the best overall performance we recommend replacing the factory door speakers plus a Subwoofer with dedicated amplifier. The AiH-JAG harness makes it easy to integrate an aftermarket amp to select 1996-03 Jaguar Radio model AJ9800A (part #LNC4100BA) by providing 4 Full Range Line level outputs required by the aftermarket amplifier.

» Add aftermarket amp to Jaguar LNC4100BA Radios.
» Provides 4 Full Range RCA pre-amp outputs (Front and Rear)
» For Jaguar LNC4100BA Radios with 6-PIN connector. (Not for part #LNF4100AA).

1. Remove radio. Locate 6-pin female connector on the back of the radio.
2. Connect adapters 6-pin Male plug to radio
3. Connect the RCA's [Rear (Long), Front (short)] to Interconnects and route to the amplifier.

1. The AiH-JAG does not retain the factory Amp but does retain the factory radio.
2. Will not work on Jaguar LNC4100AA Radio because these do not have a 6-pin DIN connector.

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