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BLAU/8-3.5F Auxiliary Input Jack for Blaupunkt and Becker Radios

BLAU/8-3.5F Auxiliary Input Jack for Blaupunkt and Becker Radios
If your vehicle does not have an aux jack, the BLAU/8-3.5F is the perfect solution for adding one.
By drilling a small hole, the 3.5mm jack is easily fitted on the vehicles dashboard to allow users to connect an Audio device to the Auxiliary input on select Becker and Blaupunkt aftermarket Radios. This cable converts the CD Changer port on Becker and Blaupunkt Radios into an Auxiliary input allowing for a direct audio connection. Once everything is in place simply connect any device with a 3.5mm output (e.g. iPod, iPhone, Smartphone, Satellite Radio, GPS etc.) and enjoy high fidelity sound on the car speakers. No more cables dangling from the dashboard, with the BLAU/8-3.5F in place you can quickly connect the audio device and unplug it when not in use. For a true wireless solution we recommend the A2D-BKR
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. All 1998-Up Blaupunkt Radios with"External Audio Source" option. See drop-down menu below for compatible models or click here to download manual if yours is not listed.
2. Porsche Becker Radios with "AUX" Menu option including:Traffic Pro, Mexico CD, CR-22, CDR-22, CR-220, CDR-220 etc. CDR-23/24, CR-210, CDR-210, PCM etc requires the 3.5-BKRCD OR IL-BKRCD
3. Mercedes Benz Becker (Sound 5) BE4602, BE7820, HA1111 and Dodge Sprinter BE7076, BE7077.
4. 2003-04 Land Rover Discovery II & 2002-05 Freelander) with Becker: 4771, 4773, 4775, 7880 & 7881 Radios.
5. BMW with Becker Traffic Pro/Harman Kardon BE4720, BE4771, BE4773, BE7820, BE7881, BE7880.
6. Ferrari with Becker BE4372, Traffic Pro BE6101, BE6103, Mexico Pro BE6104, BE6105, BE6111, BE6112
7. Maserati 4200 Gransport/Spider with Becker BE7801 Infotainment radio only
Also compatible with select Becker Aftermarket Radios with "AUX" menu option including:
Indianapolis Pro 7950, 7951, 7952, 7953, 7955, Indianapolis 7850, 7851, 7852, 7853, 7855, 7920, 7921, 7922, 7923, 7925, Grand Prix 7990, 7992, 7993, 7995, Mexico Pro 7930, 7932, 7933, 7935, 7936, 7937, 7938, 7939, Mexico 7903, 7948, 7942, 4527, 4627, 4625, CD7803, CC4325, CC4327, CD4337, CC4370, Cascade Pro 7941, 7904, 7944, Traffic Pro 7945, 7949, 7825, 7824, 7823, 7820, Online Pro 7800, DTM 7802, 7913, 7910, Monza 7889, 7887, 7886, 7885, 7882
9. Cable is 3 ft. long (3.5mm jack on one end and 8-pin iSO plug on the other).
10. CD Changer (if present) must be disconnected and will no longer function.

Plug-n-play installation. Click here for instructions and how to Enable the AUX.

1. Requires drilling a 7/32" mounting hole at the point of installation.
2. Supports audio playback. Does *NOT* support video, charging or controls.

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