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BLU-BKR223 Streaming Audio Kit for select Euro Vehicles

BLU-BKR223 Streaming Audio Kit for select Euro Vehicles
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No Wires, no clutter !! Stream music static free from Smartphone to Porsche Radio.
The BLU-BKR223 is a complete Bluetooth audio Streaming kit for select Becker radios that do not have a dedicated auxiliary input port. Porsche and Mercedes Radios with no aux port including the CR-1, CR-210, CDR-210, PCM and CR-23/24, Audio 10, 20, 30 Radios. This kit retains the factory CD Changer (if present).
The Bluetooth phone with A2DP profile transmits Audio signal to the adapter through a wireless connection, the adapter “antenna bypass” places a digital FM radio signal directly into the car radio via the Antenna to provide static Free audio on the FM band. All the driver has to do is designate a radio preset as an “Audio Channel,” and press that present to listen to their music.
To browse and select tracks or to use Internet radio apps like Pandora, the operator simply uses the phone standard buttons or touch screen controls.
With the Apple and Droid apps you can switch the broadcast channel and set the adapter to on, off or auto right from the phone. Auto puts the module into a “listen” mode. Once your device connects to it, it will turn itself on, then after a period of inactivity, it will turn itself off.
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» Supports both Apple and Droid Platforms (download Free App by clicking logo).
» Provides an audio connection without disrupting the look of existing dash components.
» Auto- reconnect when entering vehicle.
» Retains CD Changer (if present)
» Stream music from phone or internet music sites such as Pandora, Spotify etc
» Does not interfere with normal AM/FM Radio reception/operation.
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Complete Kit for Porsche/Becker CR-1, CR-11, CR-22, CDR-21, CR-31, CDR-22, CDR-210, CR-210, PCM1,2, 2.1, CD-R23, CD-R24 etc.
2. Compatible Kit for Mercedes Audio 10, 20, 30, BE6806 Radios etc.
3. Compatible Kit for BMW without AUX input
4. Compatible Kit for any European Radio in Jaguar, VW, Seat, Skoda etc. with ISO or FAKRA Antenna terminals
5. CD Changer (if present ) is Retained (no need to disconnect it)

» Main Unit ISFM23 x1 (64mm x 45mm x 24mm)
» On/Off switch with 46"cable x1
» 10-gauge T-Tap Connectors x2
» BAA11S ISO Antenna Adapter for CDR-210 & CR-210 etc. OR BAA2223 Fakra Antenna adapter for PCM, CDR-23/24, BE6806 etc.
Technical Bulletin for Samsung Galaxy 4

1. Designed for A2DP audio streaming only. Purchase the BLU-BRK235 for both Hands-Free and Audio Streaming.
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