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GM3x-HF Bluetooth Charging Kit for select GM with XM Tuner Module/CD Changer

GM3x-HF Bluetooth Charging Kit for select GM with XM Tuner Module/CD Changer
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If your vehicle does not have Bluetooth or a USB Charging port, the GM3x-HF is your ticket!
Safety comes first when you’re on the road, so having an intuitive and easy to use Bluetooth kit is essential to reducing driver distraction. The GM3x-HF kit is compatible with virtually all Bluetooth phones, and sounds great whether using it for mobile conversations, streaming music, or listening to XM. This kit (unlike others), is optimized to retain XM Subscription or External CD Changer, however those with XM Module without subscription can instead connect and play an Auxiliary Audio device (e.g. MP3 Player, iPod, etc). A USB Charging port is also available to keep your audio devices fully charged. One control button with built-in microphone (conveniently installed on the dash) is used to launch Siri, Google Now or Blackberry Assist to initiate phone calls, launch important audio and text application and more. Thanks to the GM3x-HF Kit you can keep the radio, XM Subscription and the car you love while enjoying Bluetooth and audio features only available on newer cars.

» For select GM Class II with XM Tuner Module. Subscription (if active) is retained.
» For select GM Class II with *External CD Changers (changer function is retained)
» Supports Bluetooth 3.0 Hands-Free and 44.1kHz ADC, 48kHz DAC Audio streaming
» On-board DSP and 16-bit stereo quality on phone calls & Audio streaming
» Supports multi-phone pairing
» Use voice guidance to Send and Receive text messages
» Stream internet radio on car stereo system
» Auto- reconnect when entering vehicle.
» Easy and convenient One button operation
[Please read all requirements and warnings below prior to purchasing this part]
1. Works in 2003-12 vehicles listed in the drop-down menu below With SiriusXM Tuner Module, or External CD Changer.
2. To verify XM Module is present: Press "BAND" or "XM" button until XM is displayed.
3. Installs (connects) to Radio in the dash.
4. XM Tuner Module is required but Subscription is optional. (Subscribers retains their subscription).
5. XM Tuners without subscription can connect and play an auxiliary device (MP3 Player, iPod etc) to the module. (Not an option for active Subscribers)
6. For vehicles with External CD Changers : CD Changer functionality is retained

» Bluetooth Module (3.5" x 2.5" x"1) x1
» Control button/Mic (6 ft. cable) x1
» 3.5-3.5mm Audio Cable (3 ft.) x1 (For Non-XM Subscribers)
» 18ga Acc wire (5 ft.) x1
» Custom audio harness x1
» Optional USB Flush or Bracket mount (click installation guide for more details)

Avoid costly returns. Read Installation Guide and FAQ prior to ordering.

Footnotes: [See drop-down menu for reference]
All vehicles must have XM Tuner Module or External CD Changer to be compatible
* Requires drilling a 3/4" hole in the dash or panel

1. Connects to radio in the dash (radio removal is required).
2. XM Tuner Module required (XM Subscription is optional). Press "BAND" button repeatedly. If XM is displayed, vehicle is compatible.
3. *External CD Changer is not the Changer built-into the radio-- it references the remote mounted CD Changer (under seat, armrest, trunk, hatch etc)

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