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HON/AUX V.1 Auxiliary Audio input for select 1992-01 Honda & Acura

HON/AUX V.1 Auxiliary Audio input for select 1992-01 Honda & Acura
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Many customers looking for a simple way to connect and listen to their portable audio device on the car radios require an auxiliary input adapter. In the past this was possible with an FM Modulator but the sound quality and interference levels were unacceptable. The HON/AUX V.1 Auxiliary input adapter lets them connect audio devices to the factory radio in many 1992-01 Honda and Acura Vehicles, by converting the CD Changer port on the factory radio to RCA. This conversion allows the connection of portable audio devices (e.g. Smartphones, MP3, DVD Audio, Satellite radio, Game System, iPod, Zune etc.) to the factory system resuluting in CD quality sound on the car speakers. If your audio device does not have RCA's, you will need to purchase our AUX-JACK or iS335 converter cables or purchase our HON-AUX adapter with a 3.5mm Female jack.
[Please read the following requirements which may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Compatible with select 1992-98 Honda and 1992-01 Acura vehicles listed in drop-down menu below.
2. Compatible Radios must have a "CD" button and 8-PIN DIN connector otherwise this part will not work.
3. Any external single CD or CD Changer (if present) must be permanently disconnected.
4. Vehicles with separate cassette decks: connect the adapter at the data port on the back of the cassette deck.
5. Display on radio will show Disc 1 T01, and the audio from the auxiliary device will be heard.
6. Auxiliary input adapters are passive devices and because of that they will not control the audio device
Installation diagram available here !

FOOTNOTES: [see drop-down menu below for reference ]
* Integra with radio model 3403 (as seen on the radio face), is *NOT* compatible with this part. Please check Integra radio model prior to ordering.
** CL Radios with 8-pin DIN connector only
*** RL CM940AA Cassette Radio is not compatible.

1998-Up Accord and RL 3.5 with 14-pin Molex connector require the HON98-AUX

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