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HRC-MIT Infinity Radio/Amp Replacement Harness for Mitsubishi

HRC-MIT Infinity Radio/Amp Replacement Harness for Mitsubishi
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With this harness you can replace the factory Radio and/or Retain the factory amplifier in Mitsubishi and Chrysler imports with Infiniti Systems.
Many Mitsubishi & Chrysler (import) owners looking to for an easy way to upgrade the INFINITY audio systems in their cars are happy to have found this part. Upgrading the Radio in these vehicles is not as easy as removing the old and placing an aftermarket unit in its place. The HRC-MIT (formerly MITAH ) harness allows for a quick and efficient change.
Replace the "INFINITY" Radio with an aftermarket Line Level (RCA) pre-amp outputs and retain the AMP & Speakers:
1. Remove the radio and disconnect the male 6-pin DIN plug and connect it to the HRC-MIT.
2. Connect the Amp "turn-on" lead from the aftermarket radio to the BLUE wire on the HRC-MIT. (Required).
3. Connect the RCA outputs from the aftermarket radio to the HRC-MIT (minimum of 2 RCA outputs required).

To RETAIN the "INFINITY" Radio and replace factory AMP & speakers.
1. Connect the DIN plug on the HRC-MIT to the DIN plug located at the factory amplifier/ (under passenger front seat in most cars)
2. Connect the blue wire to the turn-on lead of the aftermarket amplifier.
3. Connect the RCA's to the inputs on the new aftermarket amplifier.

See INSTALLATION diagram for more details.

When retaining the radio and replacing the factory amp with an aftermarket amp:
In some instances the factory radio AMP turn-on lead may not provide enough current to activate the aftermarket amplifier, in such instances we recommend this Voltage Trigger

Footnotes: [See pull-down menu below for reference]
*Select other if vehicle has 8-pin plug and infinity system

1. The aftermarket replacement radio must have at least 2 RCA outputs otherwise Y-Adapter cables are required.
2. The HRC-MIT is required in Mitsubishi/Chrysler vehicles equipped with an "INFINITY" Audio System. Vehicles not equipped with "INFINITY" System do not need this part. See pull-down menu below for application.

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