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JVC/J-3.5 Auxiliary Input Adapter for select JVC Radios (4 ft)

JVC/J-3.5 Auxiliary Input Adapter for select JVC Radios (4 ft)
The JVC/J-3.5 (KS-U58) Auxiliary input adapter Cable, is a signal Line-In adapter that converts JVC's J-Link CD Changer Port into a 3.5 mm audio input. With this adapter installed you can input the audio from a single audio device with a 3.5mm jack directly to select JVC Receivers with an AUX input and begin to enjoy the best sound through a clean audio connection. This innovation offers audio performance that is more enjoyable than substandard FM-modulated solutions that transmit audio into the FM tuner instead of the preferred accessory port connection. Connecting entertainment devices properly is common in today’s fast-paced consumer electronics driven lifestyle.
Compatibility & Notes: [These requirements must be met for this part to work]
1. The JVC/J-3.5 is compatible with select 2002-Up JVC Radio with "AUXILIARY INPUT FUNCTION"  which must be enabled from within the Radio menu. See the JVC radio manual for details.
2. The JVC/J-3.5 has a 3.5mm jack on one end and JVC J-LINK connector on the other.
3. When the JVC/J-3.5 is used, a changer connection is NOT possible,---- [see PIE's JVC/J-AUX interface adapter].
4. Cable is 4 ft. long
Universal Installation instructions available here

1. JVC Radio must have "AUXILIARY INPUT FUNCTION" for it to recognize this cable. Having a CD Changer connector does not guarantee that the Auxiliary cable will work. To avoid mistakes, please consult manual or contact us prior to ordering.
2. In order for the JVC/J-3.5 to work the Radio's J-Link input needs to be set properly. The head unit manual describes how to turn on the "AUX" or "LINE-IN" mode. [default setting is CD changer]. Failure to enable the "AUX" input function on the radio will result in "No Sound" from the auxiliary device.

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