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8-PIN Mini-DIN Extension Cable

8-PIN Mini-DIN Extension Cable
The M-LINK EXT can be used to extend any 8-pin mini DIN cable with this PIN PATTERN. Many use this cable to extend all Blitzsafe, select USASpec & select Peripheral, iSimple and PAC iPod docking cables. The M-Link Ext is 6 ft. long and has a Male 8-pin Mini-DIN plug on one end and Female 8-pin Mini-DIN connector on the other.
Application example:
Install the PA11-VETTE in hatch and this cable to extend the iPod dock cable (CB-PA15, CB-PA85, RJ-85) to the dash area, Similarly application for the PA12-BMW DSP and others. Please note that this cable WILL NOT fit USASpec PA15- Adapters.

1. Use to extend 8-pin Mini-DIN cables.
2. Cable has (1) 8-pin Mini DIN Male and (1) 8-pin Mini DIN female on each end.

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