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PA15-GM iPod Adapter + Auxiliary Input for select 2000-Up GM

PA15-GM iPod Adapter + Auxiliary Input for select 2000-Up GM
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The PA15-GM has been updated to display iPod text information on all GM radios with a "BAND" button. Read MANUAL for more details. The PA15-GM is a Smart iPod™ interface that provides full function of the iPod™ utilizing the CD Changer or XM Radio functions of the factory radio and/or steering wheel controls. The PA15-GM will charge and control iPod products using the radio buttons and/or the iPod clickwheel. When the PA15-GM is set to Direct mode you can track up, track down, FF, REW using the radio buttons AND you hardcore iPod aficionados will be happy to find that the clickwheel operation on the iPod is retained. When the PA15-GM is set to "FOLDER MODE" you may access 3 Folders (Playlist, Artist, Album) using the familiar SAT controls on the radio. In this mode (unlike Direct Mode) the radio displays the iPod text. The PA15-GM also has a single auxiliary input connection for a DVD, Walkman, Satellite Radio etc. No need to fumble with the iPod™ for any reason, you can stow your iPod in a non-visible location and enjoy hours of music. Going on a long journey? No problem, the PA15-GM will also keep your iPod charged. Get rid of the Cassette Adapters, FM Transmitters, or Cigarette Lighter Chargers, the PA15-GM will provide CD quality sound from the iPod directly to the GM radio using the external CD Changer or XM Radio Port [GM Radios have two XM bands (XM1, XM2)]. The PA15-GM will work with all GM factory options including: in-dash 6-CD Changer, external CD Changer, XM radio, Navigation, OnStar etc. See user manual for details.

» Charging the iPod's™ internal battery.
» Control of iPod™ playback by using the CD Changer buttons on the radio (Playlist Mode) , using the XM controls (Folder Model), operate the iPod from the iPod buttons (Direct Mode)
» Direct audio connection for optimal sound quality
» Steering wheel audio controls functions (if so equipped)
» Direct access and control of up to 4 different playlist
» Playback functions include: Track up/down, Fast Track (increments of 10), Fast Forward/Rewind etc. (playlist mode)
» Access unlimited song per each Playlist (playlist mode)
» Auto skip 10+ songs in each play list with FF button
» Auto maintain current Playlist when migrating from portable to in car use
» Auto Charge feature charges iPod™ battery and auto stops after 1 hour after iPod is paused.
» Includes a single Auxiliary input for DVD, game, Satellite Radio etc.
» Compatible with all 30-pin iPods & iPhones. Apple's new Lightning connector requires an adapter
» Plug-n-play harnesses are included for easy installation [no additional parts or cables required ]
» Also includes a comprehensive installation and user manual
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Compatible with the select 2000-Up GM vehicles listed in pull-down menu below.
2. All compatible radios must have a "CD/AUX" "Disc" or "BAND" button on the face.
3. The PA15-GM will Co-exist with Navigation 6-CD Changer radios, external CD Changer, XM, DVD system, On-Star. None of these options are compromised.
4. XM Ready Radios (Radios with "BAND" Button only) display text information on screen. Non- XM Ready Radios (CD/AUX button) will only display playlist and track #‘s.
5. Older GM vehicles (1997-02) are note compatible. Purchase the PA11-GM45 instead.

» PA15-GM interface adapter x 1 (dimensions: 3-5/16" x 3" x 1-1/2")
» CAS-GM2exT cable (5ft long) x1
» CAS-GM24 harness (11 inches long) x1
» GAS-M2x harness (14 inches long) x1
» CB-PA105 iPod dock cable (6 inches)x1
» User's MANUAL x 1
» Warranty Card (1 year warranty)

FOOTNOTES: (See pull-down menu below for reference)
² Equinox, Uplander with XM only.
¹ Radios MUST be XM Ready with a "BAND" button on face
* Corvette without XM Tuner only. If equipped with XM purchase the PA15-VETTE

18-PIN Molex connector (left)
Connects to 18-pin Molex CAS-GM2ext harness (included)
DIP Switches (right)
Set to enable/disable direct/hybrid mode and Aux input.
10-pin Mini-DIN Connector (left)
Connects to the CB-P100 or CB-PA105 dock cables
RCA Jacks (right)
Connects to auxiliary audio input device

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