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PIO/P-3.5S Auxiliary Input Adapter for select Pioneer Radios (4 ft)

PIO/P-3.5S Auxiliary Input Adapter for select Pioneer Radios (4 ft)
The PIO/P-3.5S audio input cable allows you to connect any portable audio device with a 3.5mm jack to Pioneer stereos. The PIO/P-3.5S auxiliary input adapter will convert the popular IP-BUS connector to a 3.5mm (1/8") male headphone plug. With this adapter cable installed you can connect any audio device with a headphone jack output ( iPod, MP3 Players, Satellite Radios, DAT Players, Walkmans, Computers etc.) to any Pioneer Receiver with "Auxiliary input" option.. This innovation offers audio performance that is more enjoyable than substandard FM-modulated solutions that transmit audio into the FM tuner instead of the preferred accessory port connection. Connecting entertainment devices properly is common in today’s fast-paced consumer electronics driven lifestyle.
Compatibility & Notes: [These requirements must be met for this part to work]
1. The PIO/P-3.5S fits all Pioneer iP-BUS Changer control head units with "Auxiliary input" option.
2. You must first enable the "AUX option" from within the Radio Menu otherwise it will not recognize the cable. [see Radio manual for details]
3. The PIO/P-3.5S adapter cable is 4 ft. long with a straight gold plated 3.5mm male plug on one end and Pioneer IP-BUS male plug the other.
4. When the PIO/P-3.5S is used, a changer connection is NOT possible.--- [purchase PIE's PIO/P-AUX to retain CD Changer+ Aux input].
5. The Pioneer radio will *NOT* control the external audio device connected to the PIO/P-3.5S

Pioneer radios with CD Changer controls or P-BUS connector does not guarantee that the Auxiliary cable will work. The PIO/P-3.5S works on Pioneer Units with Auxiliary input option selectable from within the radio Menu

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