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PX35 Audio input cable for AUX2CAR (PXDX)

PX35 Audio input cable for AUX2CAR (PXDX)
Need a replacement audio cable for your AUX2CAR (PXDX) Adapter?
If you own an AUX2CAR (PXDX) you know how delicate the original 3.5mm audio cable can be, but even the strongest of cables will eventually wear and require replacement. The PX35 is great for replacing a damaged or defective AUX2CAR audio cable. The AUX2CAR is available from Peripheral, iSimple, PAC and NEO and are identified by having an 8-PIN DIN connector next to 8 dip switches. (See graphics below)

» Supports playback of all audio devices with a 3.5mm jack
» 6 ft. long
» Compatible with the following adapters:
Peripheral, iSimple: AUX2CAR: (PXDX ,PXDX2), PXDXBMW, ISBM72. PAC: AAi-MAZ (MAZASX), AUX-BOX. NEO: AUXIN (v6) (See Footnotes)
» Your AUX2CAR (PXDX) Adapter must have an 8-PIN DIN Connector as seen in detailed images.
* All compatible Adapter must have the 8-Pin DIN Connector as illustrated below.

1. I don't know if my AUX2CAR has a DIN or Mini-DIN connector. Will this fit
They are two possible connectors on the AUX2CAR. Mini-DIN or DIN. Inspect your adapter to determine the connector size prior to ordering.
2. What if my adapter has an 8-pin Mini DIN Plug. Which cable will i need.
If your PAC, Peripheral, iSimple, NEO adapter has an 8-pin Mini-DIN connector, the PX35RCA is required.
3. My radio has an 8-pin DIN just like the PX35, will it work?
It will fit (physically) but it will NOT work. (you risk damaging the radio and/or audio device)
4. What if i did not take the time to inspect my adapter and ordered the wrong part. Can i return it?
There is a 50/50 chance of getting it right, however if you get it wrong you can return it and reorder, however you will incur additional shipping charges and fees.

1. Keep in mind this is not a universal (one size fits all) cable— the PX35 works only on the specified AUX2CAR adapters, so it's important to check before purchasing.

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