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PXDXTY3 Auxiliary Input Adapter for Select 1998-10 Toyota

PXDXTY3 Auxiliary Input Adapter for Select 1998-10 Toyota
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This Auxiliary input adapter fits many Toyota Vehicles with CD Changer Controls.
Many customers with older vehicles are looking for a simple way to connect and listen to their portable audio devices on the factory radio. In the past this was possible with an FM Modulator but the sound quality and interference levels were unacceptable. With the PXDX (ver 1.5.1) you can connect many audio devices to the factory radio in select 1998-11 Toyota listed in the drop-down menu below and it does so by converting the CD Changer port to a 3.5mm or RCA input. Connect your MP3, DVD Audio, Satellite radio, Game System, iPod, Zune etc and enjoy the best possible sound on the car speakers by turning the volume control on the radio to set the listening level.

» Direct connection to factory radio using a vehicle specific harness (Not FM modulated).
» Programmable to work in other Vehicle applications.
» Includes a vehicle specific connecting harness (PXHTY3)
» Easily adds CD quality input for iPods, Smartphones, Laptops, DVD players, MP3 players, etc
» Aux input selectable from the Radio CD or Mode button
» Connects to devices with 3.5mm or RCA jacks (both cables are included)
» Easy plug-n-play installation---- Read this TUTORIAL
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Compatible with the select 1998-10 Toyota/Isuzu Model/Years listed in the "Select Compatible Vehicle" drop-down menu below.
2. Compatible Radios must have a "CD" or "DISC" button
3. Connects to the 12-way Port on the Radio
4. External CD Changer, SiriusXM (if present) must be disconnected.
5. 2010 Toyota Stereos with "Radio" button are not compatible.

» AUX2Car interface adapter (3"x 3.25"x 1") x 1
» RCA to 8-Pin DIN cable (6-inches long) x1
» 3.5mm jack to 8-Pin DIN cable (6 ft. long) x1
» PXHTY3 harness

1. Connection is made to the back of the original factory Radio.
2. Radio must have CD Changer controls otherwise the PXDX (AUX2CAR) will NOT work.
3. This adapter is for AUDIO playback, not for Bluetooth or controls of the audio device.

8-PIN DIN connector (left)
Connects to 8-pin DIN to RCA, 8-PIN DIN to 3.5mm cables (included) or the optional PODCBLB-5V cable.
DIP Switches (right)
Set according to Application Guide.
22-pin Molex connector
Connects to PXHTY3 vehicle specific harnesses (included)

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