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Stinger SC201MB 1 Farad Capacitor with Meter

Stinger SC201MB  1 Farad Capacitor with Meter
Don't cut corners with your power supply. Your amplifiers will only perform as well as your power supply will allow. When the current capability of your car's power supply is exceeded, the voltage to your amplifier drops. Guess what? Less power. Don't let that happen. Install a stiffening Capacitor. When your bass drops, your system will clobber! It's the simplest way to be sure your system gets every bit of current it needs. Think of it as a storage of power.
Rated 1Farad 16 Volt rated (20 Volt surge)
Available in black with digital Monitor
Dimension w/monitor top: 3" x 8.625"
ESR: 1.75 mOhm
Tolerance: +/- 10%
Part Number SC201MB
Regular Price: $109.98
Discount Price: $89.95 (68.36)

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