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SHW51B HPM Series Premium Speaker Wire

SHW51B HPM Series Premium Speaker Wire
Quality speaker wire can have a noticeable impact on the sound quality of your system and should be an important part of your speaker setup. Very old or very cheap speaker wire can degrade sound quality. Of course, if you have a hard time believing speaker wire quality makes a difference, you're not alone — many people believe that those recommendations are just hype. Stinger’s SHW51B High performance Metal (HPM) Series, the most complete line of speaker wire available today, adds new colors and wire gauges.

» Matte blue color jacket
» high strand count
» finely stranded
» high grade OFC (oxygen free copper) wire
» 105 degree Celsius Rated for maximum performance and flexibility
» Convenient polarity and foot markers are printed on the jacket
» Priced per foot
This speaker wire is available in 12 and 16-gauge, cut to size and because of that they are not returnable.
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