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TL-RRG German Radio Removal Tools

TL-RRG German Radio Removal Tools
German Style Radio Removal Tool used to remove the factory radio and Navigation radios in select Audi, Seat, Ford (Europe), Mercedes (1993-02), Seat, Skoda , Porsche, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Land Rover (Becker) from the dashboard. These radios have 2 slots (single DIN) and 4 sots (Double DIN) in the upper/lower corners. Removing the factory radios in these vehicles is not possible without these special keys.
Vehicles with the following radios will require these keys for removal:
Audio 5, Audio 10, Audio 30 APS, Alpha, Beta CC, Classic, Gamma CC, Delta, Delta CC, Delta-6, Monsoon, Chorus, Concert, Symphony, Premium Sound-2 , RCD100, RCD200, RCD300, RVD500, v Becker, Blaupunkt and Grundig models.
Navigation: MFD, MFD 2, MCD, RNS, RNS-2 RNS-E Navigation Plus etc
Includes convenient Key Chain.

* Insert keys into slots on the corners of radio. (key flat side facing away from the radio)
* Once keys are locked into place, remove radio by pulling on rings at the keys
* To release keys from radio simply depress spring tabs on either side of radio pull keys outwards.
Important: They are two keys per order. Double DIN radios required 4 keys.

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