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TR-7 Universal Voltage Trigger/Alpine Video Bypass Module

TR-7 Universal Voltage Trigger/Alpine Video Bypass Module
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The TR7 (formerly Peripheral PTR-7) (Newest version 1.2.4) is a universal trigger output module that has various user programmable features combined into one unit. The user programmable features are stored in non volatile memory. When triggered, the TR7 can turn on the outputs as a pulsed, latched or a timed output. There are two inputs, the green wire is a positive input that senses voltages as low as 0.8 volts and the brown wire is a negative input, both are tied together internally which is, essentially, ONE trigger input. There are 3 separate outputs, the blue wire is a positive 12 volt output which has a maximum current rating of 2 amps. The white and orange wires are negative outputs which have a maximum of current rating of 150 mA. The timed output is user adjustable and can be programmed up to 4 minutes and 15 seconds. What makes the TR7 unique is that it does not use a potentiometer to adjust the timer. The timer is set by programming TR7 minutes and seconds with a number. The time saved is accurate to the second +7% - 8%.

» Low Voltage Trigger
» Pre-programmed for use as Alpine Video System Brake Input Bypass † : [Bypass for any and ALL Alpine Video Units that require engaging the parking brake. This allows video playback while vehicle is in motion including but not limited to Alpine CVA-1000-1014, INA-W900/910, IVA-C800-801, IVA-D100-901, IVA-W200-511, TME-M580-790, TMX-R680A-705, IXA-W404-407, VPA-B211A-222 etc.]
» Latched Output from a Variety of Input Scenarios
» Double pulse output
» Closed loop circuit
» Pulse extender
» Horn Honk Output
» Linear Actuator Controller
» Door lock Pulse Creator
» Channel Expander
» Programmed Pulse Input to Pulsed or Constant Output Device
» Up To Three Timed Outputs Simultaneously
» Sequential Latched Outputs.
See INSTRUCTION INSTRUCTIONS for additional details.

† It is dangerous (and illegal in many states) for the driver to watch Video while driving a vehicle. The driver may be distracted from looking ahead and an accident could occur. Install and use at your own risk.

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