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USB-35 USB Adapter Kit for AUX2CAR (PXDX)

USB-35 USB Adapter Kit for AUX2CAR (PXDX)
The USB-35 Adapter kit converts the popular AUX2CAR to support USB devices.
If you own an AUX2CAR (PXDX), you may have outgrown its 3.5mm plug or RCA inputs. With the USB-35 Kit, your existing AUX2CAR will support all Apple devices as well as Samsung Galxy 4S through a single USB Port on the dash. If you own an AUX2CAR by Peripheral, iSimple, PAC and NEO, purchase the USB-35 kit to converts the vehicle’s conventional 12V power to a fixed 5V 2.5A (high-current) USB charging port. Audio playback is also possible using the USB Charging cable included with Apple iPod, iPhones and iPads and Samsung Galaxy 4. Custom install in the dash panel, center console or under-dash, the USB-35 becomes an easy and convenient complement to the AUX2CAR audio connection. Most of us today carry at least one portable device with a USB charging port and having the USB-35 installed in our vehicle provides peace of mind and convenience while on the road.

» Requires Apple Charging cable for iPod, Touch iPhone (3,4,5,6) and iPad (2,3,4,Air) to work
» Requires Samsung USB charging cable for theGalaxy S4 to work
» Stream music from popular sites like Spotify, Pandora, YouTube etc
» Listen to apps (i.e navigation etc) on the car speakers
» Control the audio device from its buit-in controls (Radio buttons will not operate your audio device)
» Retain original look and feel of dashboard components
» Plug-n-play (no wire splicing or cutting)
» USB-A socket conveniently mounted on or in the dash » High Current Charging to 2.5A 5V
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Compatible with the AUX2CAR (PXDX ,PXDX2, PXDXBMW, AAi-MAZ (MAZASX), PAC (AUX-BOX), NEO AUXIN (v6) adapters only (See Footnotes)
2. You AUX2CAR Adapter must have an 8-PIN DIN Connector (will not work on 8-pin mini-din adapters)--See adapter pictures below.
3. Plug-n-play installation.

» USB Digital Converter x 1
» USB-A female to USB-A Male Extension (6 ft.) & under dash barcket x1

1. My factory radio (Honda, Volvo, Nissan, BMW etc) has an 8-pin DIN just like USB-35, will this work?
It will fit (physically) but it will NOT work because the USB-35 is wired exclusively to iSimple, PAC, Peripheral and NEO Standards. The answer is NO!!
2. What if i did not take the time to inspect my adapter and ordered the wrong part. Can i return it?
If you do not inspect your adapter prior to ordering there is a 50% chance you will get it right. In addition, you risk damaging your device. Save time and money by simply inspecting the connector size on your adapter prior to ordering, otherwise you will have to reorder and incur additional shipping charges and fees.

Footnotes (see drop-down menu below for reference)
* All compatible AUX2CAR devices must have an 8-Pin DIN (not mini-din) Connector as seen above.

1. This part is not universal (one size fits all)— is specified to AUX2CAR adapters, so it's important to check before purchasing.
2. Apple USB to dock/lightning adapter cable and Samsung USB to micro-USB Cable required (not included)
3. Audio Playback on Galaxy phone is possible only if it supports Android open accessory (Android 3.1), otherwise it will only charge.

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