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CHRY98-AUX Auxiliary Input for select 1998-01 Chrysler CD-C Radios

CHRY98-AUX Auxiliary Input for select 1998-01 Chrysler CD-C Radios
Chrysler with CD-C button
Looking to play portable audio devices in your Chrysler?
The CHRY98-AUX Auxiliary input adapter allows users to connect and play portable audio devices to the factory radio in select 1998-01 Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep. In order for this part to work the Chrysler Radio MUST have a "CD-C" button and an 8-pin Changer port. This adapter converts the Changer port to a 3.5mm input jack which can be used to connect and play Smartphone, iPod, MP3 player, DVD Audio, Satellite radio Kits, Game System, Zune etc.

» Direct connection to factory radio using a vehicle specific harness (Not FM modulated).
» Easily adds CD quality input from iPods, Smartphones, Laptops, DVD players, MP3 players, etc
» Aux input selectable from the "CD-C" button on Radio.
» Plug-n-play to radio in less than 2 minutes.
Compatibility & Notes: [These requirements must be met for this part to work]
1. Compatible with select 1998-01 Radios with "CD-C" Button and 8-PIN connector.
2. Changer (if present) must be disconnected and will no longer play
3. 2001+ Radios with "MODE" button and 10-PIN connector requires the CHRY02-AUX
If you prefer a wireless Streaming solution, purchase our A2D-CHRY98

» Auxiliary input adapter x 1
» 3.5mm Male to Male Audio cable 3 ft. long) x1

Avoid costly returns. Click Here for Installation Guide.

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