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iP-KNW iPod Adapter Cable for Kenwood "AUX" Ready Radios

iP-KNW iPod Adapter Cable for Kenwood "AUX" Ready Radios
Play & Charge your iPod/iPhone Kenwood radios with AUX input capabilities.
The iP-KNW iPod cable addresses the +5V charging issue not possible with other iPod adapters on today's market. In addition to charging the iP-KNW also delivers the best sound quality because it connects directly to the 13-PIN port on select Kenwood Radios. Once installed, simply connect the 30-pin dock to your iPod/iPhone and enjoy your favorite music through a clean audio connection and charging as you drive. Browsing through all of your playlist and menus in real time is possible using the iPod click wheel or Touch screen and the factory radio volume controls to set the listening level. Internet connected iPhones & iPods can also stream music from popular sites like Pandora and others. The iP-KNW provides an easy, inexpensive and flexible method of converting the CD Changer port to accept iPods products on select Kenwood Radios with "AUX" input option.
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Compatible with 2000- Up Kenwood radios with "AUX INPUT OPTION". Click for small sample of compatible Radios. -- see #2.
2. The compatible radio MUST have Auxiliary (AUX MODE) OR "AUXILIARY INPUT OPTION" within the menu. If unsure, check the manual or email us with a model number prior to ordering.
3. During the AUX mode, AUX/AUX-name will show in the display.
4. When the iP-KNW is being used you cannot connect another Kenwood device (CD Changer, Sirius Tuner etc) to the radio.
5. Play/Charge all Apple 30-pin iPods and iPhones. Apple Lightning devices requires this Adapter.
6. The iP-KNW does *NOT* control the iPod. You must control the iPod using the click wheel or touch screen.
7. The iP-KNW is approximately 4.5 ft long with a 13-Pin DIN Plug and Apple 30-pin dock connector.

1. Your Kenwood Radio MUST have an "AUX Mode" or "AUXILIARY INPUT OPTION" otherwise this cable will NOT work.
2. When you dock your iPhone via the connector, the Airplane Mode warning message will appear. Select *NO* and continue using your iPhone as normal.

1. Plug the 13-pin Male into the 13-pin female on the back of the Kenwood radio.
2. Route the the dock connector to location where iPod/iPhone reside (i. e. glove box, center armrest) within 4.5 ft. of radio.
3. On the Kenwood Radio: Press the "SRC" (Source) button Until "DISC" -- "AUX" is displayed. On newer radios scroll through the "MENU" until "Built-in Auxiliary Input Setting" is displayed and turn the feature "ON".
4. Make your song selection using the iPod controls/display and the volume on the radio to control the level.
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