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iSimple iSFM2351 Bluetooth Hands-Free and Audio Streaming for all FM Radios

iSimple iSFM2351 Bluetooth Hands-Free and Audio Streaming for all FM Radios
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Upgrade any car stereo (factory or aftermarket) to support Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling and Audio Streaming.
Thanks to the iSFM2351 (Tranzlt BLU HF), any car with an FM radio OR Auxiliary input, whether factory-installed or aftermarket can now be paired up to Smartphone via Bluetooth. Getting audio from the iSFM2351 into the car radio can be done in two ways :
1. FM Modulation through the FM Band: for radios that do no have separate audio inputs or Aux input.
2. 3.5mmm out: for radios with Audio inputs or through an Auxiliary Input adapter.
Regardless of the Audio connecting option used, the iSFM2351 Technology and your Smartphone's Voice Recognition application (Siri or Google Now) allows you to initiate hands-free calling, launch navigation, music streaming and many other applications.This device is installed behind the dash and is compatible with any FM Radio.
FM Audio Option: All the driver has to do is designate a radio preset (FM 87.9, 88.3 etc) as a “playback channel,” and pair up phone.
RCA AUDIO OUT option: Connect the (L+R) outputs to the Radio's AUX INPUT OR to an Auxiliary input adapter (sold separately), press the "AUX, CD, or SAT button on the radio.
Click the respective logo to download the app to your phone:
apple android
The app allows you to switch the broadcast channel for the FM modulation. It also allows you to clear the list of paired devices from memory.

» Compatible with any Factory or Aftermarket FM Radio and all radios with an Aux input.
» Hands-Free calling
» Listen to your Navigation prompts on car speakers
» Send and Receive text messages
» Control phone functions using your voice
» Wireless connectivity. No visible wires in the vehicle.
» RDS radios display song information etc (When connected via the FM Band)
» Play your music or internet radio through exiting car stereo system
» Auto- reconnect when entering vehicle.
» Interrupts incoming antenna signal when in use for best sound performance. (no static)
» Full band FM broadcast selection via App
» Easy and convenient One button operation

» Bluetooth interface x1
» Control button x1
» Microphone with visor clip

Click to update your iOS11

See video demostration

1. All radios with proprietary antenna terminals requires an Antenna adapter kit (sold separately). If unsure remove the radio or send us an email with vehicle model & year.

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