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A2DIY-VOL Hands-Free, Streaming Audio + Aux Adapter for 1984-04 Volvo

A2DIY-VOL Hands-Free, Streaming Audio + Aux Adapter for 1984-04 Volvo
Safely call, Stream music Apps and more on Volvo SC Stereos.
While it is true that due to their lack of support for more attractive modern media formats, many Volvo owners have replaced their Stereos. For those who are adamant about hanging on to the original stereo we offer a line of adapters that sure to open up a whole lot of different options for listening to music and other audio content. This remarkable adapter is for Volvo owners seeking to stream Pandora, Spotify, Tune in etc, Make/Receive calls safely using their Bluetooth® mobile phones without the need for wires or cradles and without investing in a new stereo. Hands-free Profile (HFP) is not only less distracting than trying to juggle a phone while steering but it’s also the only legal way to do it in many states. Streaming Audio (A2DP) allows users to play internet music, listen to turn-by-turn directions and more. Auxiliary input for those who want to play non-Bluetooth devices including MP3 players, Satellite Radio Kits, iPods etc. and optional USB Charging port with very low ripple to keep devices fully charged while on the road. After initial pairing and upon entering vehicle, your Smartphone or Tablet will automatically connect to adapter hidden behind dash.

» For 1984-04 Volvo "SC", "CT", & "CR" Changer controlling Radios only (Newer HU-*** and ICM Radios are not compatible)
» Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP Profile and Hands-Free Profile (HPF)
» Retain original factory stereo.
» Auto-reconnect to Smartphone when entering vehicle.
» Stream from Pandora, Spotify, Tune-in and more.
» 3.5mm Aux input jack allows playback of non-Bluetooth devices
» Radio will mute when calls are made/received if in "CHGR" mode
» Adaptive electric condenser cartridge with high sensitivity , low impedance , anti-noise microphone
» Optional 5V 3 Amp (Max) USB Charging portwith very low ripple, keeps devices charged while on the road
» Replaces external CD Changer. Changer built-in to stereo (e.g. SC-901) is not affected.
» Access A2DP playback by pressing CD, CH-6 or CHGR button on stereo
[The following requirements must be met prior to purchasing this part ]
1. Works in 1984-04 Volvo with "SC", "CT" & "CR" Changer controlling stereos listed in drop-down menu below
2. External Changer (if present) must be disconnected. (Single or 6 Disc Changer built-into radio remains functional)
3. Not applicable to Volvo HU-*** nor newer ICM (infotainment control module) stereos.

» Bluetooth Module (4.25" x 2.35" x"1) x1.2
» Control button on 6 ft. cable x1
» Microphone with Visor Clip on 10 ft. cable x1
» 3.5-3.5mm Auxiliary Cable (3 ft.) x1
» Optional USB Charging Port + 6 ft. USB Dash/Bracket Cable
» 5 Amp Noise Filter

Avoid costly returns. Click here for Installation Guide and FAQ.

For Volvo SC, CT & CR Stereos. Will not work on Volvo HU or ICM Stereos.

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