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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Discount Car Stereo help page. This page is intended to provide quick answers to most frequently asked questions about our family store and hopefully contains the answer you seek, otherwise you can send email, text message or Live chat!
Who is Discount Car
Discount Car is a small family owned/operated internet retailer (less than 10 employees) serving the internet community since 1995. With 23+ years dedicated to providing personalized service, brand names and custom hand made (house) products with proven reliability. Many thanks to the thousands of satisfied customers for continued patronage. If you are new, welcome!!! We look forward to earning your business.
We specialize in building customized car stereo accessories (most of which are not available elsewhere) and because of that additional time is required for final assembly and shipment.
How do i place an order with your company?
The best and secure way to order (day or night) is through our cart checkout process. From entry to exit the 128-bit SSL session is activated, you can rest assured that communications between your browser and our web servers are private and secure.

What is the best way to find a part for my vehicle without looking through the entire catalog?
We recommend using our dynamic search by simply entering vehicle model. The result will list products that includes vehicle entered. Keep in mind in addition to vehicle listing, it must meet the requirements set forth on product page.

Can i place my order over the phone?
If having difficulties placing order online, please call to place order by phone. Please note that in addition to credit card numbers, you are required to provide the operator with the CVV2/CVC2 numbers. When placing orders online credit card number and CVV2 numbers are encrypted and are not visible to our staff. Please place your order online if you prefer to keep this information private. Customers also have the option to save card token in vault, except CVV numbers which are not stored and required entry with each order. Due to login and password requirements, PayPal orders are not possible by phone. Your cooperation and understanding of this policy is appreciated.

How do i know my online order was completed?
The following steps are taken upon order completion:
1. The website will display a confirmation page with a "Thank you" note and a 6 digit order ID number (e.g. 314*** or 315***).
2. You will receive an order confirmation email (provided the email address entered is valid)
3. If an account was created, sign in to check order history. Please check spam or deleted folders for confirmation email.
To check order status click here

What are your hours?
Our web store is open 24 hours. Please also consider sending an email anytime (day or night), text message or Live chat!
Phone consultation hours are Monday to Friday 9:00-5:00 Eastern Time. (Closed weekends and holidays)

Do i have to open an account or register to place an order?
Registration is optional, however registered customers benefit from:
Faster & simpler checkout
Track order status
Review order history and place re-orders
Create and maintain address book
Receive free gift reminders via email
Fill out Returns Request form
Unregistered (anonymous) customers do receive email confirmation of order and shipment, but do not have access to the benefits listed above.
We encourage all customer to register with us so to be able to benefit from all our services. Your email address is not used for unsolicited emails.--- (no spam)

How do i register with your store
Registration is easy and also possible during checking out.
To register during checkout simply Add items to cart
Click the "Go to checkout" button
Enter email address, click continue
Tick box next to "create an account for future use"
Enter password of choice

What payment methods do you accept?
Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover (Issued in the USA & Canada only). international customers must select PayPal payment method in order to use their Credit cards
PayPal: Available to all customers in the USA, Canada and select international countries. Shipping address MUST BE a PayPal-confirmed address. Click to Open a PayPal Account.
Debit Cards: With Visa or MasterCard logo on the front.
Credit Card Orders are authorized but not Charged until order is shipped, however PayPal orders are charged immediately (upon order completion).

Do you accept international credit cards?
International customers (including Canada) are welcome to checkout with PayPal or credit card registered through PayPal and must ship to address in country where account is registered or to a confirmed address within the USA.
Direct international credit card entry to our site are voided/deleted. International customers must use PayPal checkout to pay with card.

Where do you ship outside Canada and the USA? We ship to numerous international countries. Updated list found in the country drop-down menu at checkout and includes:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom (Northern Ireland). Only those listed are available for shipments at this time.
International shipping charge do not include import or duty fees. All taxes, duties and customs fees are customers responsibility at the time of delivery. If for any reason (other than our error addressing shipping label) as shipment is returned, we will contact you to either re-ship or issue a refund after deducting shipping charges. Re-shipping will require address correction and re-payment.
International orders requiring assembly ship 7-14 days after order completion and delivered using shipping method selected at checkout.

Where can i get order status?
All users (including anonymous) may click here to check order status.
Registered uses can also sign in, click My Account, Orders etc. Order status information displayed has the same details as if you were to call or email to check status. Once tracking information has been posted, the carrier (USPS) is responsible for updating shipment as it travels to its final destination. Unfortunate we are not privileged to shipping details other than those posted on carriers website.
If you registered and forgot password: click the login link, enter email address and forgot password or reset password. The system will email link to reset password.
if registered on old system or anonymously and wish to register an account, simply email use mobile device to send Text message or Live chat! to make the request. After which you will receive an email link to reset password.

How do i get a shipping quote?
Shipping rates are calculated based on cart contents and destination and not available by phone or email. . To estimate shipping simply add item(s) to shopping cart, checkout and enter address or if registered and signed in, shipping options automatically appear based on default address. Select rate and service of choice. Unless otherwise indicated shipping charges are applied to all orders. If order must be shipped in multiple boxes, or in separate shipments (back-order), shipping charges for the entire order will be assessed when first item is shipped. We charge only ONCE for shipping the entire order. International delivery times are estimates as of date shipped. Additional processing time, custom inspection etc. required for all international orders, therefore delivery estimates begin after shipment not on order date.

How long does it take before my order ships?
Orders for "in stock" items that require assembly or customization requires additional time (1-3 working days) (regardless of shipping method). Most off-the-shelf items (those not requiring assembly or customization), ship within 24 hours (excludes Weekends and Holidays). Email or call for time sensitive deliveries otherwise you can expect order to ship within 3 working days and delivered within 7 days. Click to Check order status
International order require additional processing time.

What shipping method does Discount Car Stereo use? 
We offer USPS (United States Postal Service) First Class Mail, Parcel Mail, Priority Mail and Priority Express Mail Services.
First Class Mail usually arrive in 4-7 days Priority Mail usually arrive in 2-3 days. Both delivery methods are estimates not guaranteed. Priority Mail Express is the only guaranteed service that retains the Express Mail money-back guarantee.
Orders/Shipments are not processed on weekends or on USPS holidays.

Your website has an "availability" listing, is it reliable and/or up to date?
Every item on our site has an "stock" listing. The listing is updated during office hours (M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM E.T). It is possible that an item has gone "Out of stock" during non-office hours and if so you will be notified by email upon discovery and given an approximate ship date, the option to cancel or an alternate part.
For time sensitive deliveries or large quantities, please send email with required part numbers and quantities.

Where does Discount Car ship from?
Discount Car Stereo ships from our main center in Virginia. In addition to suppliers in (NY, NJ, CO)

When will my shipment arrive?
in stock items that do not require assembly ship within 48 hours
in stock items that require assembly ship within 3-4 days (except weekend and holidays) using the shipping method selected at checkout.
Delivery time= Assembly time (most items) + shipping method
US Deliveries for "in stock" items are completed within 7 working after purchase (Except Express Mail).
To track deliveries to Australia, click here
To track deliveries to Austria, click here
To track deliveries to Belgium, click here
To track deliveries to Bulgaria, click here

What are "Order and Payment Status"?
Paid Buyer has been fully charged for their purchase.
Partially paid The order has been partially paid (or there has been a partial refund)
Authorized or Authorized hold : indicates an authorization has been placed on the buyer’s credit card but funds have not yet been transferred to the merchant (not yet charged)
Declined Indicates that an attempt to authorize or charge the buyer’s card has failed and the order has been cancelled.
Cancelled The order has been cancelled by merchant.
Refunded The money for the purchase has been refunded. Typically, an order has to be in the Paid state before it can be refunded.
Fulfillment statuses
New The initial status assigned by default to any new order once it has been created.
Backordered The items are currently out of stock but we are expecting re-stock and ensures you will be first in line for the new inventory and will be notified via a shipment confirmation email (tracking number) once your back ordered items has shipped.
Processing We are working on the order
Assembly The item or items on your order are being assembled-- typically takes 1-3 days to complete the assembly.
Shipped We have labelled and shipped order.
Delivered Buyer has received the package.
Returned The buyer is returning ordered items; the items have been sent back to the merchant.
To check order status click here

Is my order subject to sales tax?
5.25% Sales tax is charged to all shipment to Virginia (VA).

Safari chat Sound Notifications not working, how do i fix
On the most recent release of the Safari web browser, Apple has disabled the auto-play of sounds and video, including the audible notifications for our chat. You can fix this by following the steps below.
In Safari, navigate to
Open the Safari Preferences and then click on the websites tab
Click on “Auto-Play” in the General section
Change it from “Stop Media with Sound,” to “Allow all auto play.

How do i use discount coupons on your site
1) Go to our site
2) Add items to cart
3) Follow to 'CHECKOUT' link
4) Enter your personal details
5) Click the "Have discount coupon" at the bottom right of cart page
6) Enter given coupon number and click the 'Redeem' button.

What is your return policy
Click here for our return policy statement.