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AUX-BKR Auxiliay input Jack for Select Becker Radios with CD Changer

AUX-BKR Auxiliay input Jack for Select Becker Radios with CD Changer
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Retain CD Changer while connecting audio device to select Becker Radios.
Many European vehicles with Becker analog Radios must disconnect the CD Changer in order to install an auxiliary or iPod adapter to their cars, but thanks to the AUX-BKR adapter these proud owners can enjoy the best of both worlds retaining full function of the CD Changer and a connection for iPod, MP3 Player, Smartphone and more. Simply install the 3.5mm jack on or near the dashboard, connect and play audio device. When in the mood for tunes in the Changer, unplug the audio device from the jack-- its that simple--- no blank CD's or complicated setup or wiring. The AUX-BKR provides an easy, inexpensive and flexible option for enjoying portable audio devices without compromising the CD Changer.

» Requires and Retains the factory CD Changer. (Your vehicle must have an analog CD Changer)
» Enjoy music stored on any audio device with a 3.5mm audio jack
» Enjoy music from popular sites like Spotify, Pandora etc from Smartphone or Tablet.
» Listen to apps (i.e navigation etc) on the car speakers
» Retain original look and feel of dashboard components
» Plug-n-play installation in less than 10 minutes (no wire splicing or cutting)
[Please read all requirements and warnings below prior to purchasing this part]
1. Works on Porsche CR-11, CR-21, CDR-21, CR-31, CR-22, CDR-22, CDR-220, CR-220, PCM1(BE6634), CR-210, CDR-210 Radios with CD Changer (e.g. Silverstone 2660).
2. Works on Mercedes Benz Becker Radios: BE4602, BE7820 & BE7076, BE7707 (Sound 5) with analog CD Changer. (not for Digital optic Radios)
3. 2003-04 Land Rover Discovery II & 2002-05 Freelander) with Becker: 4771, 4773, 4775, 4765, 7880 & 7881 Radios.
4. Works on BMW Traffic Pro/Harman Kardon BE4720, BE4773, BE7820, BE7881, BE7880 with CD Changer.
5. Works on 2000-07 Ferrari with Becker: Traffic Pro, BE4372, BE4377, BE6101, BE6103, BE6104, BE6105, BE6111, BE6112, BE7801 with CD Changer
6. Works on JVC KD-NX1R with JVC CD Changer
7. Harness is approximately 4 ft. long with a 3.5mm dash mount jack.
8. The AUX-BKR Requires and Retains the factory Analog 6 Disc Changer. (NOT for Digital Optic Changers)

» Main Aux harness (4 ft. long) x 1
» Free 3.5-3.5mm Male Audio cable (3 ft long) x1

Avoid costly returns. Click Here for Installation Guide.

1. Use audio device built-in controls to access music files and radio volume to set playback level.
2. *CD Changer is required for the AUX-BKR to work. [Porsche PCM2, 2.1,2.5; Mercedes and other Digital Optic Changers are NOT compatible]

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