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AUX-CTS Aux Jack for Select 2003-07 CTS and SRX with XM (U2K) Tuner

AUX-CTS Aux Jack for Select 2003-07 CTS and SRX with XM (U2K) Tuner
Connect and Play Smartphone, Tablet, iPod & more in CTS & SRX with XM Module.
Does your 2003-07 Cadillac CTS or SRX include XM Radio (U2K) package but no connection for Smartphone, iPod, MP3 Player or Tablet? The AUX-CTS affords these vehicle owners the opportunity to connect and play portable audio devices without compromising XM Subscription or factory wiring integrity. To install this jack, simply remove radio from the dash, route and install the 1/8" jack on or near the dashboard, connect the audio device to the jack and enjoy the best possible sound on the car speakers. When in the mood for XM Radio (if subscribed), unplug the 3.5mm cable from the jack-- its that simple --- no complicated setup or wiring. Keep in mind for the AUX-CTS to work, your vehicle must have an XM Tuner Module(with or without Subscription).

» Works only in vehicles with XM Tuner Module with or without subscription (See drop-down menu below)
» Ability to play many audio devices including Smartphones, iPods, iPhones, Tablets, MP3 Players and more
» Use Smartphone or Tablet to stream music from popular sites like Spotify, Pandora etc
» Use Smartphone or Tablet to listen to apps (e.g. navigation etc) on the car speakers
» Retain original look and feel of dashboard components and wiring integrity
» Connects to factory radio.
» Plug-n-play (no wire splicing or cutting)
» Retains XM Subscription with modest price change
[Please read all requirements and warnings below prior to purchasing this part]
1. Works in 2003-07 CTS (CTS-V) and 2004-06 SRX With XM Module. (Vehicle must have XM Module)
2. If Subscribed select "Active", Not subscribed select "Expired", if renewing at a later date select "Active". (See drop-down menu below).
3. Works on CTS navigation, CTS/SRX non-navigation radios. *SRX with Navigation requires the AUX-SRX
4. Connects to Radio or Purchase the AUX-GM3x and connect to XM Module on rear deck
5. Cable is approximately 4 ft. long with (2) 8-way ISO connectors and 3.5mm (1/8) jack.

» Main Aux harness (4 ft long) x 1
» Free 3.5mm Male-Male Audio cable (3 ft. long) x1

Footnotes: [See drop-down menu for reference]
* Not for SRX with Navigation Radios (See the AUX-SRX)
"Expired" version of this cable will not support XM if you decide to subscribe at a future date. Purchase "Active" version instead.

Avoid costly returns. See FAQ and Installation Guide prior to ordering.

1. Connects to radio in the dash (radio removal required).
2. XM Tuner Module required (XM Subscription is optional). Press "BAND" button repeatedly. If XM1/XM2 is displayed, vehicle is compatible.

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  • Author: W. Wright
    I ordered an auxiliary adapter kit for my 2007 Cadillac CTS. I put it in this weekend over the course of 45 minutes. Thank you for the quality product and downloadable instructions. I will certainly keep you guys in mind for future projects.