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AiH-VOL Aftermarket Amplifier Installation harness for Volvo

AiH-VOL Aftermarket Amplifier Installation harness for Volvo
hand made
Add-an-Amp installation harness for Volvo HU and SC Radios.
If you are like many Volvo owners who love the look and features of the factory-installed radio but feel the system is lacking power and or bass, there is good news. The AiH-VOL harness allows for the installation of an aftermarket amplifier without changing the oem Volvo SC-xxx (e.g. SC-816) or HU-xxx (e.g. HU-850) Radio (not for Newer ICM Radios). To truly experience the best overall performance we recommend replacing the factory speakers and use this harness to install a dedicated sub amplifier. The AiH-VOL harness makes this possible by providing 4 Full Range Line level outputs and Turn-on lead to the aftermarket amplifier. If your Volvo has a Premium Sound or High Performance Systems, and you wish to add an aftermarket amplifier, purchase the AiH-VOL2 instead.

» Retains Volvo Radio
» Provides 4 Full Range RCA pre-amp outputs (Front and Rear)
» Provides Remote turn-on wire for aftermarket Amplifier
» Fits the 6-PIN "AMP" connector on Volvo Radios listed in drop-down menu below.

1. Remove radio. Locate "AMP" female connector on the back of the radio.
2. Connect adapters 6-pin Male plug to radio
3. Connect Rear (Long) RCA's and Font (short)] to Interconnects and route to new amplifier.

1. The AIH-VOL can also be used to replace the factory amplifier. Simply disconnect the factory amp and connect the AiH-VOL to the factory cable.
2. The AIK-VOL Amplifier integration kit includes (1) AIH-VOL, (2) 16 ft. RCA interconnect cables and 1 (16 ft.) remote turn on wire.

1. Make sure amplifier gain setting are at proper level in order to avoid noise.
2. Does not retain oem amplifier. Purchase the AiH-VOL2 to retain Volvo Amplifier.
3. Not for 2010-Up S60, 2004.5-Up S40, 2007-Up V70. XC90, C30, S90/V90, xC60/V60, S40/V40, S50/V50 etc.

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