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AiH-VOL2 Amplifer Integration and Retention harness for Volvo

AiH-VOL2 Amplifer Integration and Retention harness for Volvo
Are you wanting to improve upon Volvo's Premium Audio system?
Volvo Premium Sound system includes a Radio Tuner which requires an amplifier (PA-200) or PA300); usually mounted under the passenger seat. The performance level of this system may be satisfactory to most but for those who wish to elevate to a new level or clarify and fullness requires replacing the speakers and adding a dedicated subwoofer amplifier. In order to perform this upgrade and also retain the OE Tuner/Amplifier, a special harness is required. The AiH-VOL2 harness supplies the new amplifier with audio and remote turn-on signal. This harness connects to the Radio OR under front seat OR at the rear of the vehicle (Wagons). This harness works on Volvo "HU" and "SC" Radios but does not work on 2004-Up ICM Radios.

» Retains factory amplifier, radio and speakers
» Provides new amplifier with 4 Full-Range RCA Pre-Amp outputs (Front and Rear)
» Provides Remote turn-on to both the factory and aftermarket amplifiers
» Connects to this 6-Pin DIN "AMP" connector on Radio or pre-run Amplifier cable.

Our AiH-VOL2 cable (unlike other offering) connects to the radio OR at the OEM Amplifier.
1. Locate and disconnect factory 6-pin "AAMP" plug from Radio or Amplifier under seat/hatch.
2. Connect the factory 6-pin Male plug removed in step 1 to the 6 pin female connector on the AiH-VOL2
3. Connect the 6-pin Male plug on the AiH-VOL2 to the "AMP" connector vacated in step 1
4. Connect the blue wire to aftermarket Amplifier remote turn-on lead.
5. Connect the RCA's (Front & Rear) to aftermarket Amplifier (Male-Male RCA patch cords required)
6. Consult amplifier installation manual to finalize install.

1. Purchase the AiH-VOL for vehicles with no OEM amplifier.
2. Not for ICM Radios in select 2004-Up Volvo.

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