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BAA44 Aftermarket Radio Antenna adapter for select 2010-16 Toyota, Subaru

BAA44 Aftermarket Radio Antenna adapter for select 2010-16 Toyota, Subaru
Required to convert the factory unique antenna when installing aftermarket products.
When you decide to install an aftermarket product that requires an antenna signal in recent Toyota, Lexus, Scion and Subaru vehicles an antenna adapter is required. The BAA44 (40-LX11) antenna adapter is a small jumper cable usually less than 6 inches in length required to convert the factory unique antenna terminal (car side) to standard Motorola (DIN) connector found on most aftermarket products (e.g. Radios, FM Modulators etc.) that require an antenna signal.
The BAA44 connects to the vehicle's antenna terminal in 2010-16 Toyota, 2010 Lexus and 2013-16 Subaru vehicles listed in the drop-down menu below.

1. Connect the BAA44 to the factory unique antenna plug (car side)
2. Connect the standard DIN plug to the aftermarket replacement radio, modulator etc.
3. Connect the blue wire to the antenna turn-on wire from new radio.

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