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BHA2105R Aftermarket Amp integration Harness in select 2006-12 GM

BHA2105R Aftermarket Amp integration Harness in select 2006-12 GM
Need to add some punch to an under-performing GM factory system?
If you are like many people who enjoy the look and features of the factory-installed radio but feel your system is lacking power and bass, we have good news. One of the best things you can do to improve the factory audio system is to replace the speakers and add a Subwoofer. Most factory speakers are made of paper cone with foam surround that deteriorate over time. Aftermarket speakers include rubber surround and better cone material that last longer and sound much better, however they are limited in terms of how much bass they can produce. To truly experience the best overall performance a dedicated amplifier and subwoofer must also be installed. To make this experience as easy as possible, the BHA2105R custom harness provides 4-line level outputs and turn-on lead which are necessary to add an aftermarket amplifier to the select GM vehicles.

» Retains the factory radio and speakers
» 4 RCA pre-amp outputs (Front and Rear)
» Remote turn-on wire for aftermarket Amplifier
» Compatible with Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac, Suzuki Vehicles
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