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BLAU/10-RCA Aux Input Cable for Blaupunkt Radios

BLAU/10-RCA Aux Input Cable for Blaupunkt Radios
Did you know that some Blaupunkt radios support up to two auxiliary inputs?
Many customers are looking for a simple way to connect and listen to their portable audio device on their car radios. The BLAU/10-RCA Auxiliary input adapter lets you connect an audio device to select Blaupunkt Radios and it does so by converting the second auxiliary port into an RCA stereo input allowing for the connection of portable audio devices (MP3, DVD Audio, Satellite radio, Game System, iPod, Zune etc) and CD quality sound from the car speakers. The BLAU/10-RCA replaces Blaupunkt part # 7-607-001-508 and used as the second auxiliary input. If a CD changer is connected to the radio through the first auxiliary input, the BLAU/10-RCA adapter is the perfect solution and allows retention of the CD Changer.
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Fits all Blaupunkt "DUAL INPUT" Radios listed in drop-down menu below. Download MANUAL to verify compatibility with non-listed models then select "Other".
2. Cable is approximately 6" long with a 10-pin Molex plug and (2) Female RCA's on the other.
3. The BLAU/10-RCA is a passive device. Use the audio device built-in controls to access music files
4. Compatible radios must have a 10-pin connector. Click here for INSTALLATION DIAGRAM (D).
5. Also works in Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter Van with Becker BE 4513 (Sound 20) and BE4603 (Sound 30) Radios only (cable is slightly modified).

Radios without CD Changer on (C3) may purchase the BLAU/8-3.5RCA OR BLAU/8-3.5M90 instead.

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