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BLAU/8-RCA Auxilary Input Cable for select Blaupunkt and Becker Radios

BLAU/8-RCA Auxilary Input Cable for select Blaupunkt and Becker Radios
The BLAU/8-RCA replaces Blaupunkt part # 7-607-001-509 and is used to convert the CD Changer port on select Blaupunkt/Porsche radios into a RCA. With this adapter installed you can then connect and listen to the audio from a satellite radio, Mini Disc player, portable MP3 player, DVD player, iPod, game systems or any device where the audio needs to be pumped through the vehicle's audio system. The BLAU/8-RCA Connects to the 8-PIN CD changer port at the back of the radio and takes the place of the CD Changer. Once installed, you must then enable the "AUX INPUT" function on the radio (click instructions link below) so that your favorite tunes on a portable device can be played in your car.
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Works on all Blaupunkt Radios that have an External Audio Source Setting within the Menu. See pull-down menu for small sampling or check the MANUAL.
2. Compatible with: Porsche with Becker Traffic Pro, CDR-22, CR-220, CDR-220, Monza Radios . (*NOT* compatible with CR-210, CDR-210 or M.O.S.T fiber optic CD-R23/24)
3. Mercedes Benz Becker BE4602
4. 2003-04 Land Rover Discover II & 2002-05 Freelander with Traffic Pro Navigation radios (Becker 4775)
5. BMW Traffic Pro 4773, 7881, 7880.
6. 2000-07 Ferrari 4372, 6101, 6103, 6104, 6105, 6112 (may require software upgrade)
7. Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter Sound 5 Becker BE7076/77, Mobis HA1111.
Other compatible Becker Radios (some require specific software version to be compatible)
Indianapolis Pro 7950, 7951, 7952, 7953, 7955 (>vr3.0)
Indianapolis 7850, 7851, 7852, 7853, 7855, 7920, 7921, 7922, 7923, 7925 (>vr2.0)
Grand Prix 7990, 7992, 7993, 7995
Mexico Pro 7936, 7937, 7938, 7939
Mexico 7903, 7948 (>v3.5 ) 7942 (>v3.6.1)
Cascade Pro 7941 (>v3.5), 7904, 7944 (>vr 2.5) Traffic Pro 7945, 7949 (>vr2.5)
8. The BLAU/8-RCA is approximately 4 inches long with and iSO plug on one end and Female RCA's on the other.
9. Factory CD Changer (if present) must be disconnected and will no longer function.

Plug-n-play installation. Click here for instructions and how to Enable the AUX.

Enabled the BLAUPUNKT Radio AUX.

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