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CB-PA105A Dock cable for USASepc PA15 and PA20 iPod Adapters

CB-PA105A Dock cable for USASepc PA15 and PA20 iPod Adapters
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Most car dock connectors on the market charge iPods & iPhones through either USB or a 12V connection that works through the FireWire portion of the 30-pin dock connector. Apple has removed 12V (FireWire) charging from the iPhone, Touch & Nano, this means that older dock cables are no longer able to deliver a charge. As such, these dock connectors will still perform their intended function, but fail to charge the new iPods & iPhones. The CB-PA105A when connected to USASPec PA15, PA20 iPod adapter, will play/charge All iPod/iPhones with 30-pin dock connectors

» The CB-PA105A dock cable is exclusive to USASpec PA20 & PA15 iPod adapters.
» Replaces the CB-PA100 and is compatible with all 30-pin docking iPods/iPhones: Apple products with Lightning connector requires an Adapter.
» The CB-PA105A is 5 ft. long with iPod dock connector on one end and this 10-pin plug.

1. USASpec PA10, PA11 and PA12 iPod adapters require the CB-PA85A
2. Keep in mind that this replacement cable is not universal — it is specific to the aforementioned USASpec Adapter only.
We will not be responsible for damages if used in wrong application.
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