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GRRT German Radio Removal Tools

GRRT German Radio Removal Tools

German Style Radio Removal Tool used to remove the factory radios in select Audi, Seat, Ferrari (Becker), Ford (Europe), Mercedes (1993-02), Seat, Skoda, Porsche (Becker), Volkswagen, Land Rover (Becker) from the dashboard. The radios in these select vehicles have 2 OR 4 key slots in the upper/lower corners and removing them is not possible without these special keys.
Vehicles with the following radios will require these keys for removal:
Audio 5, Audio 10, Audio 30 APS, Alpha, Beta CC, Classic, Gamma CC, Delta, Delta CC, Delta-6, Monsoon, Chorus, Concert, Symphony, Premium Sound-2 , RCD100, RCD200, RCD300, RVD500, Becker, Blaupunkt and Grundig models.
Navigation: MFD, MFD 2, MCD, RNS, RNS-2 RNS-E Navigation Plus etc
Replaces Becker Part # 963 589 01 0500

* Insert key into slots with straight edge facing away from the radio (see detailed image)
* Push in on key until it locks (clicks). Do the same in other slots. Pull radio outwards using key rings (see detailed image)
* To release keys simply depress spring tabs on either side of radio pull keys outwards.

Sold in pairs: (1 order = 2 keys).
Not required for Porsche PCM Radios

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  • Author: R. West
    Worked great to remove my CDR220.