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HFKTY1 Hanress for Motorola/Parrot Kits in select 1990-10 Toyota, Scion

HFKTY1 Hanress for Motorola/Parrot Kits in select 1990-10 Toyota, Scion
Local and Federal laws have prohibited the use of Cell phones while driving and because of that many customers in the USA and around the world contact us about the best way to integrate their Bluetooth enabled phone to their vehicle without changing the factory audio system. The HFKTY1 Bluetooth car kit allow customers to integrate a Bluetooth enabled phone the select 1990-10 Toyota/Scion Radios listed in this APPLICATION GUIDE.
The included vehicle specific harness and speaker switcher takes care of the installation process by matching the connectors/plugs on the radio without disrupting its normal operation.
The HFKTY1 kit designed for plug and play installation of: Parrot CK3100, CK3200, CK3300, CK3400, CK3500, MK6100 and Motorola Motorola IHF1000 , IHF17000, T605 Bluetooth Car Kits, and can also be hardwired to any aftermarket Bluetooth kit equipped with a mute trigger and a high level audio output.
With the PPH1761, HFS and PPAPAR you don't have to worry about making the wrong connection or splicing the wrong wire; all the guess work is out the door. Once installed they provide power, speaker mute signal, audio and switching to the Bluetooth Kit. The PPH1761 has a 10 and 6-pin (one Female, one Male) connector that mate perfectly with Toyota/Scion radio plug/harness. It also has an 18-pin plug that mate perfectly with the the 18-pin connector on the HFS (Speaker Switcher). Spend time enjoying your Bluetooth car kit knowing that every connection is safe and secure.

1. The HFKTY1 includes a vehicle specific harness designed exclusively to integrate Bluetooth. *NOT* used to integrate auxiliary audio adapters.
3. *NOT* compatible with premium amplified systems (more than 6 speakers, JBL/Hardon Kardon) Radio MUST HAVE 10 and 6-pin connectors.

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