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JAG-CDR Auxiliary Jack, Changer retention Kit for Select Jaguar XJ and XK

JAG-CDR Auxiliary Jack, Changer retention Kit for Select Jaguar XJ and XK
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Play many portable devices and retain CD Changer in Jaguar xJ and xK.
Many Jaguar xJ and xK owners must disconnect the factory CD Changer in order to connect and play a portable audio device, but thanks to our new and improved JAG-CDR Kit, these proud owners can enjoy the music stored on their iPods, MP3 Players, iPads or Smartphones to steam music all without sacrificing the CD Changer. Simply run and install the 3.5mm jack on or near the dashboard, connect audio device and enjoy the best possible sound on the car speakers by turning the radios volume control to set the listening level. When in the mood for tunes in the Changer, simply unplug the 3.5mm cable from the jack-- its that simple--- no silent CD or complicated setup. This passive device can't be controlled by the radio or steering wheel buttons, but does provide an easy, effective, inexpensive method of enjoying portable audio devices without compromising the CD Changer.

» Requires and Retains CD Auto Changer
» Play many audio devices including iPods, iPhones, Smartphones MP3 Players and more
» Stream music from popular sites like Spotify, Pandora etc using Smartphone
» Use Smartphone to listen to apps (e.g. navigation etc) on the car speakers
» Retain original look/feel of dashboard components and wiring integrity.
» Controls and display remain with audio device (no controls from steering wheel or radio buttons)
» Connects directly to CD Changer in trunk (not Radio)
» Plug-n-play (no wire splicing or cutting)
[Please read all requirements and warnings below prior to purchasing this part]
1. Works in 2000-03 x308 and 2000-06 x100 with Premium Sound Systems (with amplifier) only
2. Standard System and previous years (1998-99) requires the JAG-CD
3. Vehicle must have a CD Changer. CD Changer remains fully operational.
4. The JAG-CDR connects to the Changer in trunk/boot.

» Adapter with audio jack on 12 ft. cable x 1
» 3.5mm Male-Male Audio cable (3 ft. long) x1

Avoid costly returns. Click here for Installation Guide.

Footnotes: [ See drop-down menu below for reference]
*2000-03 x308 & 2000-06 x100 Premium Audio Systems only.
**1997 VIN#812317 and above (not for LNF4160AA Changer)

1. Connects to the CD Changer/Amplifier in trunk/boot. (not at Radio)
2. For Jaguar x308 and x100 only. Not compatible with other model/years.

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  • Author: K. Brady
    Epic sound quality, jag cdr now installed, about 50gb of . Flac files now on tap. Not enough highway in UK to listen to it all.
    Worth perservering, will spread the word to my club colleagues.
    Thanks again.