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NF5A In-line Noise Suppression Filter (5A)

NF5A  In-line Noise Suppression Filter (5A)
You spent an entire day installing a new car stereo, infotainment system or adding an accessory to the existing radio to finally turn it on and realize that the noise level is unacceptable and gets worse with engine speed. What do you do?
Engine noise can enter the audio system via the antenna, power supply wires etc, and the NF5A line filter can be added to help eliminate noise entering the system through the power wire.

» in-line power noise filter
» used for many audio components including receivers, CB radios, satellite radios, equalizers, tape players
» Rated up to 5 Amps. » Connects in line with power and ground wires
» 3 wires (1 ground and 2 power) installation is done in seconds: Red= supply (line with noise), Blue= output (filtered line), Black= ground.
» Small size easily fits behind the dash.

This filter is specific to power lines and may not work as described in cases where the noise is generated by a different source.

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