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USB46D Dash Mount High Current Dual USB Charging Adapter (2.5A)

USB46D Dash Mount High Current Dual USB Charging Adapter (2.5A)
Loosing battery life while plugged into car charger?
Your vehicle may already have a USB charging port in center console or glovebox or dash, but unfortunately many charging ports are anemic in regards to amperage (800mA). An effective phone charger is a must-have accessory while on the road to keep Smartphone always charged in case of emergencies as well as route to destination. In order to keep devices fully charged while in use, the USB-46D offers 2 ports each with 2.5A of power -- which is enough juice to charge 2 energy hungry tablets at once. Custom install in a convenient location and discover how this charger would be a massive improvement over the cars built-in charging ports.

» Two wire connection to ACC or Battery supply wire in your car, truck, SUV, RV, boat etc
» Output Voltage: 5-Volt, Max current rating (2.5A per port)
» Dual Outputs
» USB Type-A female connector
» Requires a 1.08 inch (27.5mm) mounting hole, 1.66 inch(42.2mm) dept, and 1.41 inch (35.8mm) face plate (diameter)
» Supports high current charging devices such as Smartphones, iPads, MP3 Players, iPods etc.

1. Use for charging only (not for audio playback).
2. Standard cigar lighter opening must be modified to fit this charger.. (See dimension above).

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