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A2D-CHRY Bluetooth Audio Streaming Adapter for Select 1995-00 Chrysler

A2D-CHRY Bluetooth Audio Streaming Adapter for Select 1995-00 Chrysler
Bluetooth Phone connectivity without investing in new stereo.
Your older vehicle still runs great, but stereo lack support for more attractive modern media formats. If you are well pass using physical media (CD's Cassette etc.) and looking for ways to listen to music and other audio content, the A2D-CHRY Bluetooth Audio Streaming adapter is for you! The A2D-CHY only requires a connection to the Changer port on the stereo, pairing Smartphone or tablet and launching music apps, turn-by-turn directions and more. This clean solution leaves no wires or clutter on or around the dash and is the accessory you want if you're looking for Bluetooth connectivity for your phone without investing in a new stereo.

» Works on Chrysler Square Face stereos with Changer controls
» Supports any Smartphone or Tablet with A2DP Profile. (Not for Hands-Free Calls)
» Auto-reconnect when entering vehicle.
» Listen to turn-by-turn directions as you drive
» Stream internet music services such as Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn etc.
» Replaces remote CD Changer (if present).
» Access A2DP device by pressing Mode button on Radio
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with stereo or vehicle.]
1. Compatible with select 1995-00 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge & Plymouth listed in "Select Compatible Vehicle" drop-down menu below.
2. For this part to work, your vehicle Must Have one of the following 2 radios:
a. "Square face" stereo with "Disk ^" on preset # 1, and 8-pin Changer port. (See related images)
b. "Square face" stereo with "Mode/Eject" button, 6-presets, Bass and Treble slider controls, "DIRECT DISC SELECT 1-6" above radio presets. (See related images)
3. 1998+ Rounded face radios with CD-C button and 8-pin port requires the A2D-CHRY98
4. Factory CD Changer (if present), must be disconnected.

» Main Unit (2"x 1.5"x 1")
» Connecting harness with 8-Pin plug

Footnotes: [See drop-down menu for reference]
* All with "MODE" button and 8-pin port.

Avoid costly returns. Click Here for Installation Guide.

1. Compatible radio must meet all requirements listed above (see additional images).
2. Supports Bluetooth Audio Streaming. Not for Hands-Free Phone Calls.

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