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iP-CDR30 iPod Adapter for Porsche with CDR-30/31 Radio

iP-CDR30 iPod Adapter for Porsche with CDR-30/31 Radio
This Adapter will Play and charge all Apple 30-pin dock products on Porsche CDR-30 Radio.
Recent Porsche Boxster, Cayman & Cayenne come with the CDR-30 and CDR-31 Radio as standard equipment and with it a $95 "AUX" input is offered as means to connect MP3 players and other audio devices. This may be satisfactory to some, but for those looking for a better solution we offer the iP-CDR30 iPod Adapter.
The iP-CDR30 takes the place of the factory "AUX" 3.5mm jack and converts it to Apple 30-pin dock connector. This conversion allows users to play their music files on the car speakers and also charge the 30-pin iPod/iPhone while driving. Selecting and controlling their music is possible using the iPod built-in controls. Use the volume control on radio to set the listening level.
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Compatible with 2009-12 Boxster, 2009-12 Caymans, 2009-12 997 and others (i.e. Cayenne S, GTS) with CDR-30/31 Radio. Not for PCM Radios.
2. Takes the place of the factory "AUX" (if so equipped) but Bluetooth (if so equipped) is retained.
3. The cable is 4.5 ft. long with a 12-PIN Quad-lock plug and Apple 30-pin Dock connector. (not for Zune)
4. Compatible with ALL 30-pin dock iPods/iPhones. New Lightning connector devices requires the iL-CDR30 OR USB-CDR30.
5. Stream music on iPhone or iPod Touch from Pandora, Spotify, YouTube etc.

Plug-n-play installation. Click here for Installation Guide.

1. iPod Control is *NOT* possible from the radio. Use the iPod built-in control to access music files.
2. Not for PCM Radios. Vehicle must have a CDR-30/31 Radio in order to be compatible

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