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iP-CDR30 iPod Adapter for Porsche CDR-30 Radio

iP-CDR30 iPod Adapter for Porsche CDR-30 Radio
This Adapter will Play and charge all Apple 30-pin dock products on Porsche CDR-30 Radio.
Recent Porsche Boxster, Cayman & Cayenne come with the CDR-30 Radio as standard equipment and with it a $95 "AUX" input is offered as means to connect MP3 players and other audio devices. This may be satisfactory to some, but for those looking for a better solution we offer the iP-CDR30 iPod Adapter.
The iP-CDR30 takes the place of the factory "AUX" 3.5mm jack and converts it to Apple 30-pin dock connector. This conversion allows users to play their music files on the car speakers and also charge the 30-pin iPod/iPhone while driving. Selecting and controlling their music is possible using the iPod built-in controls. Use the volume control on radio to set the listening level.
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Compatible with 2009-12 Boxster, 2009-12 Caymans, 2009-12 997 and others (i.e. Cayenne S, GTS) with CDR-30 Radio. AUX activation may be required by Dealer.
2. Takes the place of the factory "AUX" (if so equipped) but Bluetooth (if so equipped) is retained.
3. The cable is 4.5 ft. long with a 12-PIN Quad-lock plug and Apple 30-pin Dock connector. (not for Zune)
4. Compatible with ALL 30-pin dock iPods/iPhones. New Lightning connector devices requires the iL-CDR30 OR USB-CDR30.
5. Stream music on iPhone or iPod Touch from Pandora, Spotify, YouTube etc.
Click Here for installation details.

1. iPod Control is *NOT* possible from the radio. Use the iPod built-in control to access music files.
2. Not for Hands-Free calling. See the BLU-BKR235

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