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iS712 Compact iPod & iPhone 5V USB Charging Adapter

iS712 Compact iPod & iPhone 5V USB Charging Adapter
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Is your new Apple device failing to charge? The iS712 resolves the charging issue.
Apple introduced a range of new devices which only charge from +5V USB supply pin on the standard 30-pin dock connector. These are: iPhone 3G, Touch (2G-Up), Nano (4G-Up) and all subsequent releases. To solve the battery charging dilemma the iS712 (ReVolt Mini) plug-and-play compact adapter will allow older iPod docking cables to charge all iPods/iPhones including older iPods. Purchase the iS712 to update your existing dock cable to support +5V USB charging on the iPhone (All), Nano (All), Touch (All) and all others.

* Converts traditional +12V iPod®/iPhone® charging interface to support +5V charging on all iPods/iPhones.
* Connects directly to existing iPod dock adapter
* Retains digital quality audio
* Compatible with many home or automotive iPod docking cables
* Unlike similar adapters, the iS712 locks to your iPod and will not fall out
* Also compatible with select 2002-06 BMW iPod Interfaces (except iDrive).
* The iS712 has a male 30-pin dock connector on one end and a female 30-pin dock connector on the other.

1. Not compatible with Mercedes Media Interface cable in Select Mercedes Vehicles.
2. Not compatible with Pioneer P-BUS head units using the CDi-200 or CDi-100 iPod Interfaces.
3. May not be compatible with ALL iPod accessories due to manufacturing variations in those products.
4. The iS712 does not enable any features not currently supported by the accessory you are using except its ability to charge.

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